We Pass the AK Operator Union Test!


From 10 yards out of a rifle:

  • 9mm
  • 5.45×39
  • 5.56×45
  • 7.62×39
  • 7.62x54r
  • 7.62×51
  • 270 Winchester

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187 reviews

Was surprised how little they weight. I'm not a big person so it's a plus.

Level IIIA Vertx Backpack Panel

Great Product

Great quality and light enough for edc. Just need a smaller one for business packs now.

Ease of use

Took this to the range and it was so easy to get to.

Great Product

Exactly what I was hoping for and precisely as advertised. My only regret is that I don't have need for another one because this purchase was fun.