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The Coolest Body Armor on the Market

The Coolest Body Armor on the Market

Everything You Need to Know About the Coolest Body Armor

Premier Body Armor is always searching for innovative ways to enhance body armor, making us the best place in the world to buy armor. Craftsmanship, weight, and materials are heavily considered in our process of designing body armor to give each customer maximum coverage and comfort. 

Which is exactly why we are proud to introduce the new Eclipsys-based ballistic vest! Adding Eclipsys to your ballistic vest will guarantee that there is no other armored vest like yours on the market. Not familiar with Eclipsys? We hope by the end of this blog all your questions will be answered about this proprietary technology that’s proven to keep your body cool. 

Level 3a soft armor vest combined with cooling technology

What is Eclipsys™?

Eclipsys technology is the newest cooling approach that provides long lasting comfort. Eclipsys is an adhesive you can apply to any body armor system! It is a highly effective cooling technology that actively transfers heat away from the wearer and prolongs performance. Eclipsys™ panel provides adaptive cooling, so the hotter the wearer gets, the more actively it will cool him/her down. 

Eclipsys™ technology has two purposes: 

1) to actively move heat from the wearer to reduce thermal stress

2) adapt to the wearer’s environment to more aggressively control their core temperature during physical exertion. 

Ultimately, this innovative technology helps you to be in control of your core temperature in any environment. Eclipsys products are based on Alexium’s technology that makes our body armor even more adaptable, lightweight, and reduces your sweat. 

How Does A Cooling Ballistic Vest Work?

This breakthrough technology significantly adapts to the wearer’s environment to move heat away as the wearer exerts more energy. Similar to conductive energy,  Eclipsys™ technology pulls heat off the body and transports heat out of the insulative vest.

Every wearer has a microclimate between their body and their vest. Within this microclimate, your core temperature seeks to be regulated. When the body is warm, it gives off humidity and sweats to regulate its core temperature. 

As the body begins to sweat, it increases humidity in the microclimate between the body and the armored vest. This patent-pending technology responds to this increased humidity and reactively cools the body down. In colder weather, if the body is not releasing humidity, then Eclipsys™ maintains the body’s core temperature to stay warm.

image of heat transfer from cooling body armor system

Eclipsys technology has a superhuman effect. It helps your body to regulate its core temperature and maintain a comfortable microclimate between the body and the vest for a longer period of time. 

This proprietary technology builds on years of research at Alexium. Over a 12-hour shift, the Eclipsys™ panel provides as much cooling as a 5 pound block of ice. Overall this helps to prolong performance, maintain focus, and creates a perpetual cooling experience. 

Let's Talk Facts…

Integration of the Eclipsys panel increases heat transport away from the wearer by 200% more than standard body armor. Two analytical tests were used to assess this claim: 

  1. Rate of heat transfer away from the wearer
  2. Effective temperature felt by wearer

Rate of Heat Transfer Away from the Wearer

The figure below shows the heat index for the same person wearing a ballistic vest with Eclipsys technology and without. The graph shows the Eclipsys ballistic vest keeps the wearer approximately 15% cooler and keeps them away from significant high temperatures. 

The wearer was able to experience a lower heat index because Eclipsys technology moved more heat away from the wearer. The more heat moved away from the body is a greater heat flux. Basically, the higher the heat flux, the cooler the body remains. 

Heat management of soft armor vest

Effective Temperature Felt by Wearer

Since Eclipsys technology moves heat away from the body, a high heat flux shows just how adaptive the cooling technology is to the body. A higher heat flux means more heat transfer and a lower heat index of the body’s core temperature. In the second figure, the heat flux is compared between a standard ballistic vest and a ballistic vest with Eclipsys™ technology. 

graph of heat transfer from soft armor vest

We can see the performance of the Eclipsys-based ballistic vest causing more heat to be transferred away from the body and maintaining a cool microclimate. This graph shows the enhanced thermal performance of Eclipsys™ technology by 200% compared to standard body armor. 

What are the Benefits of Using Eclipsys?

There’s so many benefits to using Eclipsys technology within your body armor system. Adding Eclipsys™ to your body armor adds more comfort than stress, in fact, it reduces stress! 

Eclipsys material provides enhanced cooling at a much lower weight compared to other cooling technologies. This material is only 0.25 lbs/vest! It is an ultra-thin panel addition that is only 0.42mm thick. 

This incredible, breakthrough technology counteracts the insulative effects of body armor, and helps the body to enhance performance. Your body naturally knows to regulate its core temperature. Eclipsys™ technology has the superhuman ability to help your body maintain a comfortable microclimate while wearing body armor.

The best part is, Eclipsys technology can be integrated into any body armor design. It can be combined with our bulletproof vestsrifle rated plates, and even our Everyday Armor T-Shirt. So when deciding where to invest in body armor, don’t sweat it. Premier Body Armor with Eclipsys technology will help you to perform at your very best. Order yours today!

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