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Gaston County adding extra layer of protection for law enforcement

July 29, 2016

Our men and women in blue put their lives on the line every day they go to work. Gaston County Commission want to make sure it never comes to that.

On Thursday, commission unanimously passed a measure that will appropriate $120,000 to buy body armor vests for the Gaston County Police Department, Gaston County Sheriff’s Office, and Emergency Medical Service.

That money will pay for more than 200 vests manufactured by Premier Body Armor in Kings Mountain. Each squad car will have one vest, and each ambulance will have two. The vests will be worn over the bulletproof vest each officer and deputy already wear. It is steel-plated, which means it will stop bullets from higher powered guns, like an AR-15.

For Gaston County Sheriff Alan Cloninger, the move by commission shows him the county is behind his deputies.
“It gives them additional protection to go home to their families at night. It also gives them the ability in a rifle gun fight to survive, and protect the citizens of the county,” Cloninger said.

After recent events in Dallas, Baton Rouge and San Diego, Commissioner Chad Brown said all commissioners felt like they had to do something to keep local law enforcement protected.

Read more at WBTV.

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