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A Continued Collaboration with Vertx

Vertx Navigator Sling is the best bag for travel or EDC. Premier Body Armor bulletproof panel fits perfectly.

Custom-fit ballistic inserts for Gen 3 Vertx Bags

Just in time for the holidays, Vertx has begun releasing their Gen 3 line of products, and Premier Body Armor is excited about the continued collaboration in creating custom-fit ballistic inserts compatible with the Gamut, Ready Pack, and Navigator Sling. American made armor plus industry-leading Vertx bags/packs offer the perfect solution in the search for the perfect off-body carry system.

Red Colorway Vertx Ready Pack with bulletproof panel by Premier Body Armor is the best off-body carry EDC

"We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Vertx”, said Alex Stewart, President of Premier Body Armor, “by offering consumers 100% USA made, custom cut armor inserts that maximize the potential of the packs and provide on-the-go ballistic protection. The Gen 3 Vertx line puts a focus on advanced feature sets without compromising the industry-leading CCW DNA that we've all come to love."  

The Gamut, Ready Pack, and Navigator Sling all improve upon their Gen 2 predecessors, offering the following new features:

  • Rapid Access Pull tab compatible with every zipper for a fully customizable EDC setup
  • Gatekeeper G-hook to help avoid unwanted gear exposure in the CCW compartment
  • Additional .5" of depth to the CCW compartment
  • Laser-cut MOLLE that is lower profile & lower weight

The Navigator Sling, is dual-purpose, serving as both a chest rig and satchel for the essentials. It also features the new Rapid Access Pull tab, along with a floating internal divider for 1.5" CCW compartment expansion.

 Vertx gen 3 bags with custom-fit bulletproof bookbag inserts


Of course, Premier is ready with new ballistic panels to fit the next generation of Vertx bags. The new backpack body armor inserts continue to uphold the high standards of Premier’s line of body armor. The soft body armor meets the NIJ Level IIIA standard while being the thinnest and lightest ballistic protection on the market. Available in bundles or standalone inserts, it’s easier than ever to update your bag & armor. Load out your Gamut with all the gear you need, pack the Navigator and be ready for travel, or blend in with other “average” backpacks with the Ready Pack and enjoy the peace of mind body armor provides. 

That's not all! As Vertx continues to release the newest bags in their Gen 3 line, Premier is ready to provide high-quality, Made in the USA, custom-fit body armor for each product.

Vertx Gamut Gen 3 backpack load out with bullet proof body armor panel

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