Terms & Conditions

Premier Body Armor Terms of Use


You hereby represent, warrant, agree, and confirm that you:

  1. Are 18 years of age or older;
  2. Are the age of majority in your state, province, or territory of residence at the time of purchase;
  3. Are not a felon;
  4. Are not legally barred from purchasing, possessing, or using the item(s) purchased;
  5. Are legally allowed to possess and use the item(s) in your state;
  6. Are not purchasing this product in violation any local, state, or federal laws;
  7. Are not purchasing this product for criminal purposes;
  8. Are purchasing this product for only lawful purposes;
  9. Are only going to use this product for lawful purposes;
  10. Are purchasing this product on your own behalf;
  11. Are not purchasing this product on behalf someone else in order to avoid complying with
    these Terms and Conditions and/or any local, state, or federal laws;
  12. Are assuming all risk of use and misuse of the product purchased;
  13. Understand that illegally purchasing, possessing, or using Premier Body Armor products, or any other item sold by Premier Armor, LLC, may result in severe legal consequences for you, including incarceration, and that Premier Armor, LLC will fully cooperate with all criminal investigations related to the use or misuse of its products;
  14. Understand that Premier Body Armor has already tested its product and will not advertise individual citizens doing the same, and that any information that is posted to a website and may be viewed publicly may be used against you in a civil trial or criminal prosecution;
  15. Understand that body armor is BULLET RESISTANT and that no body armor is guaranteed to stop 100% of threats from bullets or otherwise. Any time a bullet is fired at you, regardless of whether you are wearing body armor or not, you are at risk of being injured or killed;
  16. Are agreeing for yourself and your heirs, assigns, and agents, to fully and completely release Premier Armor, LLC from all liability; to never bring an action against Premier Armor, LLC in a court of law; and to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Premier Armor, LLC for any and all liability stemming from your purchase, possession, use, or misuse of the product purchased; and
  17. Agree that if any legal dispute does arise, venue shall lie only in the State of North Carolina and in no other Venue or Forum.

Premier Armor, LLC assumes no liability for the use or misuse of any product sold, donated, given, or loaned, including but not limited to any incidental or consequential liability or damages. Except for the Manufacturer Warranty when applicable, ALL WARRANTIES, INCLUDING THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF FITNESS AND MERCHANTABILITY, ARE HEREBY EXCLUDED. No oral agreement or warranty of any kind shall be binding upon Premier Armor, LLC unless it is given in writing and signed by Premier Armor, LLC. Statements, images, or descriptions of products are for informational purposes only and are not made as a warranty related to a specific product in any way. Premier Armor, LLC disavows any other representation, warranty, or liability related to the condition or use of the items sold. Premier Armor, LLC is not liable for any consequential damages related to the ordering, use, or misuse of its product. Any liability is limited to specific performance of repairing or replacing defective items. Every item manufactured and sold by Premier Armor, LLC is sold “as is” and “with all faults.” The entire risk of quality and performance of the product is with the buyer.

Level III Rifle Rated Plates fall under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) and are administered under the Export Administration Regulations (EAR). Export of Level III Rifle Rated Plates are subject to the export control laws and regulations of the U.S. Government. Export or retransfer of Level III Rifle Plates requires the written approval of the U.S. Department of Commerce. The sale, transfer, transportation, shipment, or export of any product outside of the U.S. that is prohibited or restricted without complying with U.S. export control laws and regulations is strictly prohibited. Violation of such laws and regulations may result in civil penalties and/or constitute a federal crime. Premier Armor, LLC complies with export control laws and will not participate, engage, or contract for any transaction that requires the illegal export of any product. Premier Armor, LLC will not assist, directly or indirectly, with the illegal export or re-export of any product. The customer is responsible for complying with any import laws or regulations, including paying all duties, taxes, and fees when applicable.

If any of these Terms and Conditions are held to be invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, such holding shall not affect the validity of any other part of these Terms and Conditions.

The Terms and Conditions stated herein may be revised or changed from time-to-time without prior notice.