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I'm very happy with the carrier. The armour could have been sized one size up (I am a small framed individual). The carriers are one size fits all (which fits perfectly for me and my larger friends). Overall I am happy with my purchase, I cannot verify that it stops 44 mag, but I wouldn't doubt it. If any critique, specificy that the armor is being sized, rather than the carrier, as I thought. Great product overall.

Tru-Spec Concealed Armor Shirt with Level IIIA Armor Inserts
Tony Marshman
Great product for a great price

An affordable easily concealed way to wear body armor. It's form fitting so expect to wear this as your base layer unless you order a size up. Wearing it looser than normal won't be a hindrance as you can easily tuck the shirt into your pants. The inserts are inserted into pockets on the inside of the of the shirt itself and are meant to be inserted with the wide side towards the top. They are a different size than the standard size of armor inserts so if you wanted to place standard size plates in, there may be some sticking out of the top. Two IIIA flexible plates are included and are to be inserted in the front and back. If you were to order level IV plates for use with this, keep an eye on the weight as to not tear the shirt itself. In other words don't order the inexpensive heavy ones if you plan on using this as your carrier, and again remember their may be some armor sticking out of the top due to height difference.
I haven't tested this out as its for SHTF or a similar situation. In addition to this product I have a flexible body armor I can wear over this for extra protection.
I definitely recommend for price, quality and what is essentially lifetime replacement providing you have a police report to show this his was damaged in that manner.

Vertex Commuter level 3A insert

I love it so much I am buying another. Its lighter and more flexible then I thought. After reading 100 reviews. They are one of the best in the business.

Must have upgrade

Replaced the plastic inserts with two for my edc bag and I don’t feel any additional weight. Most of the reasons I chose the bag was due to these so… with your shield or on it.

Light minimal peace of mind

I live in commiefornia and the fact that I can't have anything to defend myself or my family in case of an assault scares me and keeps me up and night. However with premier body armor backpack insert in my EDC Vertx Ready pack I have a little bit of peace of mind that I will be able to at least block and get away from whatever is assaulting me or my family. 10/10 definitely would recommend premier body amor!

Just what I was looking for.

Excellent construction and a perfect fit in my backpack. Gives me the assurance that if SHTF, I would be helpful in a situation. Thanks Premier!

Amazing Panel! Perfect For EDC Bag!

I finally did it. I purchased the Level IIIA backpack insert for my Haley Strategic Flat Pack Plus. It fits perfectly inside the pack, provides the protection I need and doesn’t even add noticeable weight! I carry this bag to work, to the mall and anywhere I go on an average day. It’s great knowing I now have that extra layer of protection, if needed! Love this company and their products!

Great value!

Viktos makes some great gear. I personally own a couple of their bags & other gear. The fit of the soft armor in the Perimeter 40 is a great fit. I watched a couple review videos before making this purchase because it's not cheap, but once I received it & put it together, I was not disappointed. I bought this bag for my next depoyment coming up soon. I neede to replace my old go bag that I bought in 2003 that has stood up to several deployments & a lot of additional travel. I've bought a couple.other bags along the way, but I have good feelings about this one lasting at least a decade of use & abuse!

Small price to pay for peace of mind!

With everything happening in the world, I love the peace of mind that comes from carrying this on campus as a law student and in the future for work. The dimensions are spot on and the insert is so lightweight I do not notice it in my bag at all. The Large fits perfectly in my 25L Eagle Creek backpack with room to spare for my laptop in the back sleeve. Also appreciate the tag on the back with serial number, manufacture date, and warranty so I know when I should replace it in the future.

Armored Viktos Upscale Sling Bundle
Deandre Nino Cabacungan
Bad ass!

This bag is high quality love it for my edc, armor is awesome not rigid which does not affect the bag shape so it looks normal, will definitely buy more armor insert for my other bags in the future.

Limited Edition A-TACS AT-X Universal Fit Level IIIA Backpack Insert
Jason Jones
Quality Addition to a Backpack

The insert is a high quality addition to a backpack that brings some peace of mind. The insert is solidly made, but light enough to carry daily for long periods of time. If you have a backpack you should add an armor insert without hesitation. Please know that this is not my first Premier Body Armor product and it won’t be my last. The company makes great products, has great customer service, and will forever have my respect ✊!!!

Be Safe, Be well, Be swell!!!

Great Deal/Great Pack

Really liking the Ready Pack 2.0. Been on the fence for a while about this pack. Really good for my edc needs. The ballistic plate has its own hidden pocket and states outta the way. Would definitely recommend this to anyone on the fence about it.

Great bundle

Great bag and panel, been carrying it everyday!

Vertx Commuter Sling XL 2.0 Level IIIA Insert

The Vertx Commuter Sling XL 2.0 Level IIIA Insert fits great inside my Grey Ghost Gear Apparition bag.Shipping was fast.

As advertised

Ordered this insert so I could use it across multiple bags. Easy to install, don’t notice the increase in weight. The flexibility allows me to wear it in various environments comfortably.

Tru-Spec Concealed Armor Shirt with Level IIIA Armor Inserts
Trygve Nagel
Please read review

Great stuff u have but the shirt was to small but the armor is beautiful I needed xxL


Honestly don't even know it's in my bag, It fits perfectly and doesn't take up much space.
Definitely will recommend and even get some for my other backpacks.

Excelent armor!

Product was exactly as described and fit my vertx commuter sling perfectly!

Bulletproof Can Cooler
Rudi Carbajal


The executive

Thr vest is great. It is hardly noticeable with a T-shirt. In a button-down shirt or v-neck the vest is very discreet. The only concern is how the vest is pushed up when you sit down. Besides that, I'm very happy with it. The only Improvement I can think of would be velcro straps to make the fit more snug; but it could be a possibility I provided the wrong size. Get one, you won't be disappointed.

BEST EDC backpack EVER!

I love my F5 switchblade backpack! Even added the Premier Body Armor plate, which is specifically designed for this bag. Very happy with this purchase!

Vertx Transit Sling 2.0
Michael Donahoe
Great Bag

High quality materials, and construction on this bag. It’s comfortable to wear, and highly functional, with a surprising amount of storage for the size of it.

Perfect addition to my Gamut Backpack

Lightweight, fits perfect in the designated pocket of the backpack. In addition to offering some peace of mind with the added protection, the insert also adds a bit of firmness and support to the bag above the standard plastic insert. My Gamut 2.0
Is my EDC and with me everywhere I go. Great purchase, in fact I have one in all 3 of my Vertx bags and both of my Goruck bags as well!!

Great product no complaints!

Fit perfectly in my Vertx gamut 2.0 backpack! The armor did not add much weight to my bag and is a very unassuming piece of equipment, as I can conceal it easily in a number of my bags if I wanted to. This was one more step in becoming safe and tactically minded in my EDC that adds some piece of mind.

Great combination!

The bag and armor panel are a great combination! Carry all your stuff and have a piece of mind that you’ve got a better chance of fighting back!

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