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Would recommend

I am very happy with this plate carrier. It feels well build, the material used seems really sturdy and feels like it would last for a good while. My only grip with this carrier is the quick release points on the shoulder and cumberbund. Although they would come in handy in a situation where I would have to get the plate carrier off quickly they are made of a plastic (but do feel sturdy in itself) I just don't really like them being plastic. Would be awesome if they were aluminum or some kind of light metal but I wouldn't use them if I don't have to avoiding accidentally breaking them so for me using the velcro side under the flap in the front will be my main way of taking off and putting on the plate carrier. I'm not in the military or in law enforcement but I do like to feel prepared for any situation that I would have to protect myself. I'm super happy with this purchase and can't wait to get the plates for it and start training at the range with my "battle gear"

Most comfortable armor on the market!!!!

As an Active Shooter Survival Instructor and a daily CCW carrier, this shirt is perfect! It is light weight, discreet and very comfortable. The excellent craftsmanship on this shirt allows me to wear my normal clothing and move around with ease (it sorta has a compression undershirt feel). I'm extremely happy with this purchase and will be promoting this shirt along with the vast array of other quality items that I intend to purchase from Premier.

Upscale3 armored bundle

Hard to beat. All the room you would need for a light day pack. Great truck bag. Only complaint is the water bottle side not being zippered all the way down, but it’s something I can live with. Will definitely be ordering more 12x15 soft armor backpack inserts for multiple other bags for the kids, absolutely top notch. Impressed with the quality, I see these outliving the decade old 5.11 packs that I’m slowing retiring and finding new replacements for.

Also drink pocket is able to hold a 18oz yeti rambler cup for any wondering minds

Awesome combo with pac and amour.

First, I want to thank the customer support team that helped me with my return. The first sling pack was way too small. Y’all suggested another one that was larger. It was a perfect size and I love the way it hugs my body. Second, love the way your body armor fits in the sling pack. It’s a perfect pairing. Now let’s talk about the combo. This has to be one of the nicest packs I have ever bought. Honestly I didn’t know much about the Viktos brand. WOW!! Very nicely constructed. I love the fact I can put in my side x side while out on the ranch. It holds everything that might be needed.

Again thank you to everyone. Pease keep up with quality products like this. You have a customer for life! Thank you!

James Moffat
Caballo, NM

Everything you need, nothing you don’t!

The perfect day bag for working between offices, trips to and through town with all the modularity to set it up to your own needs. Armor, Gons, and Med all disappear into the slim outline making it fine for offices, airports, or outdoors

Wow. I’m impressed.

By far the most concealable body armor I own. I am 5’11 and 155 lbs. I got a small and was so worried that the armor wouldn’t be concealable since I’m on the thinner side, but I was dead wrong. I had a hoodie ready to throw on in order to show it concealed further, but there would be no point. You can’t see anything with this size SMALL under-armor polo on…that’s actually impressive premier. Great job.

Total Protection

I am a bus driver for city of Las Vegas and feel so much better going into work with my body armor. You can’t even feel this armor it’s awesome!

Happy but hope I never use it!

I’m a contractor who specializes in high end homes in the SF Bay Area, primarily Oakland and the surrounding neighborhoods; needless to say, I take precautions
My 5.11 Overwatch messenger bag goes everywhere with me and the Premier Body Armor insert fits perfectly in the main pocket, and leaves plenty of room for my 14” MacBook Pro when I’m carrying that. My everyday [computer] carry is an iPad Pro and that lives in the dedicated pocket on the back of the bag, which is a little too snug to stuff the body armor plate into as is; however, if someone wanted to they could cut the suspension straps at the bottom of that exterior pocket and it should fit the Premium insert. They also make smaller ones that could fit without any cutting necessary so keep that in mind if you have one of these bags
The insert is exactly what I was looking for, it’s lightweight and flexible, so I don’t know it’s there. Quality of construction and materials feels excellent and a hile I never intend to test its resilience, I have the peace of mind that there’s more than a simple nylon bag there to protect me
I’ll be ordering more for my adult kids ahead of the Holidays, talk about great stocking stuffers!

The Ultimate Combination

I’ve been thinking about purchasing this Vertx x Premier Body Armor bundle for awhile now and decided to go for it after what’s going on in the world. I’ve been getting into preparedness the past three years and this is exactly what I needed for my get home bag.

The BEST body armor

Premier body armor products are the best on the market !!
I have been searching soft body armor for use in the summer specially under extremely hot humid weather condition due to my job .. ordered everyday armor T-shirt with level 3 A armor panel … I decide to wear for a while before provide my review .. this is BEST body armor , very comfortable even under heat temp 100 plus degrees and concealed very well … very easy to install both front and back body armor panels within minutes.. excellent customer service and FAST SHIPPING !!!
Highly recommend to everyone!!

STRATIS Level III+ Enhanced Plate
Light in weight and fits in multiple carriers.

Waited a while, but finally got this plate. It's light enough to wear all day and fits all my carriers. From more discreet carriers to full on kits, this just works. Hope I never get to test its actual stopping power, but glad to have it.

Amazing Product

Would highly recommend this product, I will certainly be purchasing more in the future. Thank you for keeping myself and my loved ones safe Premier!

Only missing extra shirts

I use this every day at work. It fits well, it's comfortable, and is incredibly discreet. The only down side is the basic sweating you get from carrying the plates. As such, it frequently needs washed. This would easily be handled simply by having a few extra shirts.

Got Mine Today and WoW!

Just arrived today, tried it on, and initial impression is I really like it. Conceals perfectly with the long sleeves I typically wear to work. Don't mind the belly as I am 36 pounds down and on track for the remaining 64 lbs.

Overall, will do exactly what I need it to do without the need of wearing a vest to make myself approachable in my job's role, but ready in case something happens. Unlikely anything will happen but better to have it and never use it, then needing it but not wearing one.


Very impressed with how well it fit In the bag. I have the Transit 2.0. Also shipping was very quick and customer service was great when I asked a few questions. Will definitely be buying other products.

I absolutely love this body armor. It’s perfect for the summer time. I’ve found it’s best to pair with multi colored flannels like white and blue or red and black. It makes the armor way less visible.

K-9 Vest – Level IIIA
Zachary Jones
Wolfdog Boar Hunter

Fits my wolfdog perfectly. Does not interfere with his ability to run/track down game, should protect him from antlers and tusks. Took vest off for photo but this is the latest hunt.

This is the coolest thing I have seen in a very long time.

Light and slim

It is so lightweight and doesn’t restrict my movement.

The least terrible armor I’ve ever worn!

As someone who has worn heavy cumberbund armor for the last couple of decades, this “Everyday” set is AMAZING. Yes, I’m giving up some protection area, but with the right pattern on the cover garment it’s invisible even to the customers who stand in my personal space all day. It’s lighter, cooler, far easier to move around in, and assuming the shirts holds up (I have some concerns about edge-snags putting the plates in and out, but so far so good) this will continue to be my daily armor for anything short of an outer carrier.

Definitely recommend

The shirt fits good and definitely order one size under your usual size. I tried it on with just a t-shirt over it but you can definitely see the outline of the plates. Best to be worn with a hoodie, flannel or button up shirt.

Armored Vertx Transit Sling 2.0 Bundle
Joey Laguda
Great little bag, modified zipper pull

Overall I like the bag a lot. Panel, carry all work well. It's the very front pocket that may just need more use and breaking in, but the zipper was a little hard to operate that made me nervous using the zipper pulls it came with. I used some paracord and made new pulls with a snake weave and now I can operate the zippers with a little more leverage and it feels great.

Used in 5.11 bag

I got this insert for the 5.11 LV10 Sling Bag 2.0 13 liter since there isn’t a bag specific insert for it. It just fits in the big main compartment if you push it to the front and close and zip the flap over it. I must have not measured well because I didn’t expect it to be such a tight fit but it does fit and this way it’s in front of the IFAC I carry in the bag protecting it to some degree too. Overall I am very satisfied with the purchase!

Viktos Upscale 2 Slingbag
Good overall size

I use this for my EDC. The secondary compartment holds most of my IFAK. It’s just a tight fit for all of it. The smallest compartment only has the zipper on the one side. I carry it on my left side slung over my right shoulder, so when I rotate the bag to my front to access that small pocket, everything dumps out because of gravity. Over all, it works great. Doesn’t look like a weapons bag as a lot of the other tactical bags do. Zippers pull smoothly.

Clearance Haley Strategic Flat Pack Level IIIA Backpack Insert
Manny Miranda
Level 3 Backpack Insert

An excellent addition and right size for the daily use backpack I take to work. Bottom line…a piece of mind that the insert is another option to an unexpected outcome to the current times we live in.

K-9 Vest – Level IIIA
Daniel D Alsup
Perfect fit

This was a gift to Grizz, the new Nephi City police dog. The fit was perfect and everyone was more than pleased.