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Nice High Quality Plate!

The Stratis Level III+ plate is a high quality, lightweight plate for the threat level protection that it affords. It fits into my backpack very nicely! It gives me the additional piece of mind over a level IIIA panel, when necessary. But, actually, I have a nice IIIA panel from PBA, as well. Sometimes, I exchange the plate for the panel, or vice versa. Sometimes, I have both in my pack. It depends on where I’m going, of course, and what kind of environment, I’ll be in. I’m in a large urban area most of the time. Of course, I don’t expect a level III+ and IIIA, together, to be a substitute for a level IV plate, but, I have the plate and panel, anyway, so often just carry them both.

Great product

Awesome product arrived quickly same week I ordered and was sized exactly as advertised. I reached out in advance with my measurements to make sure I was getting the right size so that's kind of a pro tip right there send a email to these guys and they will reach back out with a answer quickly. I find the vest to be quite comfortable the material it's made with is nice and soft and easy on the skin. The kevlar is or course rigid and doesn't like to bend but they've combatted this with these spandex zipper flaps that connect the kevlar front and back pieces. They give the vest a degree of flexibility. I imagine after some use the vest will "break in" and fit a little more free floating and not feel like I'm wearing a ballistic vest so much. Very comfortable though and even right out of the box I could wear it all day no problem. Highly recommend especially for Black Friday what a good deal.

Great Fit - Great Protection

Comfortably hugs your torso underneath your everyday clothing. Great when traveling into questionable areas for work. This the 4th item I’ve purchased from PBA and very pleased w/the quality & value!

Great peace of mind, that adds only a little weight.

I have 38 yrs in law enforcement, and am Second Chance body armor save #802
I can tell you Kevlar can save your life! Priemer’s ability to integrate IIIA protection into a form that can be with you in your everyday life… at school, at the office, and even onboard an airliner, without drawing attention to itself. Its allways there waiting to stop
The most common leathal treats in use by those that cause others harm. Whether to cover your vitals as you make your retreat, or in front of you as a shield. With this protection only weighing an average of 2 pounds depending on size, it gives you options in a bad situation.
Options that can save your life. It also acts to stiffen your backpack, and protect your back from objects with sharp corners and protruding items that would injure you in a fall.
Even opened, you cannot tell this 11x17” panel is in place in my Vertx Gamut 2.0!

Awesome armored koozie

This is my new favorite beer holder. The velcro for patches is badass. Love em!

I love it it fits nicely in my edc sling pack and so light weight you can tell it's in there..

Perfect fit - lite

Perfect for traveling when we can take our EDC. Another layer of preparedness for me and my family

Piece of Mind in knowing it's there

I couldn't be happier with this plate. I spent a lot of time looking for something that was level III+ and lightweight enough to carry, when loaded down with everything else and this plate did the job.
Excellent Quality and I honestly hope I never have to use it, but glad that I have it.

Not inconvenient

There are a number of other body armor brands out there you could purchase (most at a bit of a cheaper cost). However, I mainly went with this brand because of the tests performed on YouTube, which demonstrate its reliability and ability to withstand multiple bullet rounds.

Statistics do show that you have a very slim chance of getting caught up in a school shooting. Still, the peace of mind is big. With this brand I know it is dependable. And, the shield is so light weight that it barely makes a difference in my backpack. It's certainly not inconvenient to carry.

On another note, I probably should have ordered a size larger (I got 10 x 15), but the size still shields my essential organs (and that's what's important).

My First One

Received my First armored bag. I went with the Viktos upscale 2 and honestly it’s too small. I should have picked the XL version. I am still carrying it with my first aid kit and a Glock 43. I can put a Glock 27 in it but it’s tight. I think Premier body armor company is fantastic and buying from a defense contractor is pretty cool. And made in USA is even better. I will upgrade to larger backpack in the future. Thanks Mr Fowler

Fits Eastsport

Fits Eastsport backpack from Walmart, in the laptop sleeve. We did blackout the logo with a sharpie, wife thought it was better “blacked out ” . (11x16.5 backpack insert)

Perfect Fit

We purchased the Level IIIA 11x16.5 for our son. It fits perfectly in an Under Armour Hustle 5.0 backpack. I hope we never have to find out how well it works, but I am thankful to have the extra protection.

Perfect fit in my transit

Super fast shipping, will definitely be my go to for more gear in the future.

I love it

Good product going to buy more stuff I feel safe when traveling

Perfect fit

It is a perfect fit inside my bag. It makes me feel a bit more prepared to survive the apocalypse 👍🤘

Perfect edc

If you want a great everyday bag that holds everything you need( including lvl 3a plate, 10mm with optic and mfak mini) plus your normal everyday items in a slim bag, the upscale xl is great. I’ve had friends complement the bag without knowing how much of a wolf in sheeps clothing it is. The panel fits perfectly and is extremely. I can barely feel the difference with or without the panel in the bag. Top notch work all around on the bag and armor. Add The only complaint I have is that the sling is a little narrower then I would like personally and I wish they made a left/right handed version

Great pack!

Thought it would be larger, but it’s just the right size! High quality.

Perfect fit !

Customer service was prompt in getting back to me with a minor issue. Truly satisfied. Thank you much, guys !

Happy Customer, Will Be Purchasing Again

Very happy with Premiere body armor. Shipping was pretty fast. The Bag was exceptional, and the IIIA Panel fit like a glove. Love the black multicam pattern. The fit and finish where both great. The panel is so thin and light I don't even feel it. Very happy with my purchase, look forward to purchasing a vest from Premier Body Armor soon.

CLEARANCE 11x16.5 Level IIIA Backpack Insert
Brandon To
Highly recommend

This size armor insert fits perfectly in the Nike RPM backpack. I love the structured flexibility this panel provides and at a negligible weight.

Viktos Upscale Sling Insert but for Eberlestock H31 Bandit

This fits in the bladder pouch of the H31 Bandit perfectly. Might be snug to use with the bladder but it has not arrived yet. Its just a few inches short of the top of the bag. No complaints, the product is great in my EDC bag, I feel better knowing its there. Customer service was also top tier helping me with my order so I could travel.

Perfect Fit

I purchased this panel for the Eberlestock F5 backpack. I was traveling from NY to FL and felt much better with this product in my bag. I made it through TSA in both terminals without being stopped. I never noticed it while walking around but how could you?! Its as thick as an older tablet and light enough to be ignored when trying to stay under the weight limits when packing. I also purchased a second panel for another bag that was out of stock. Customer service was awesome and helped me out by splitting the order so I was able to have something for the trip. Overall great experience with the company and their products, I have already recommended them to friends and family as I felt much better knowing the had my back, literally. This will be my first stop for future purchases. Thanks Premier!

Panel for my sling

I recently purchased the Viktos XL sling so I purchased the panel and it fits perfectly in the sling.

Armored Viktos Perimeter 25 Bundle
Rob Abt
very sturdy backpack

i needed a new backpack when when riding to a from work , i also needed a new range bag too , riding down the hwy at 65mph the bag is very secure, it dose not move around at all , even when i have weight in it, which is great....and having premiers backpack panel behind me gives me a little bit of peace of mind.. because hey you never know.

Clearance 8.5x14 Backpack Insert
Laurent Jones
Great to have

I hope I never have to test it out.