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Perfect fit

It fit my Vertex backpack perfectly and price is very doable.

Love it!!

Keeps my Beverage Ice cold while working outdoors!

Perfect Bag for the job!

This bag is perfect to carry an AR Pistol, several magazines and personal trauma kit. When deployed the panels provide ample coverage. This product is well made and durable, will become my truck EDC bag. Great service and quick delivery from Premier Body Armor.

Vertx panel

Perfect fit, no real bulk added, and also helps to support the bag shape. Awesome product!

Great cuff case

This is a great case and it accommodates many types of cuffs.

Nice product. Hope I never need it!

Looks very well made…. Good price, fast shipping!

Best plates

These are the best plates I’ve gotten. Lightweight, thin yet all videos show them stopping 308 and .30-06. No spalling either. I wish I had gotten these steel plates sooner than wasting money 💵 on ceramic plates. I highly suggest you purchase these plates from all other companies. AR500 providing great plates once again. Can’t go wrong with Premier plates. The curve on the plate is great as well.

Tight fit

It is a VERY tight fit to install the panel in my bags. I have two separate bags and move the panel between them. It takes some serious effort but it does fit

Great product

Fit is spot on!

Level IIIA Vertx Backpack Panels


Feels like a good solid product that fits perfectly in my vertx bag.

Level IIIA Vertx Backpack Panels

Feels sturdy

The anit spaul coating feels thick and suple qhile the plates themselves have significant weight. I thought about getting dynemia inserts but if i ever need these plates to work i need to know that they wont be penetrated by standard ammunition available and for the cost i get a reusable level of protection that i can trust.

Vertx 2-Pack OVERFLOW Small Mesh Pouch

Fits like a glove

Bought a Level IIIA Panel for my new Vertx Commuter 2.0 Backpack. Product construction is perfect and fits the backpack like a glove. No complaints. The purchase was fast and shipping was even better. I have faith that this product will work and hope i never have to find out, but its light weight and provides some peace of mind.

Thank you Greg for the great review of our Level IIIA Vertx Backpack Panels! Please enjoy and let us know if you have any issues at all. Thanks again and stay safe - PBA Team
Light-weight and fits like a glove!

Purchased a Level IIIA panel for my Vertx Gamut 2.0 and am extremely satisfied. It fit like a glove and is light enough that I don’t even realize it’s in there. For peace-of-mind the panel is definitely worth the price. Lord-willing it’ll never have to be tested, but at least I know I’m giving myself a fighting chance to survive!

That's right RonnieGunz, the Level IIIA Vertx Backpack Panels give you a better chance of survival in a bad situation. Thank you for the review and stay safe - PBA Team
Backpack Level3A

It fit well in the backpack but it's a A little pricey for what you get

A lot less weight

nice and comfortable. excellent quality and helps to snug up the plates in my vest. After 34 years of being an LEO, like most on here, I've never been shot and hope never to get shot, so can't give a review on that thankfully but, if I were if I were to get shot and able to give a review of that aspect after a full recovery, I will gladly finish that part of the review, LOL,. Cheers all and stay safe.

Michael, we will welcome your review and maybe take you out for a nice dinner too :) For now, enjoy and please stay safe out there - PBA Team

Level IIIA Vertx Backpack Panels

Solid Product

It seems to be well made. I hope it is never tested.

FORTIS 1.0 Level III Plate

Great, creative product

Lighter weight than I expected, looks inconspicuous and professional, and seems to be holding up well. Zipper snags once and a while and a little bigger than expected, barely fits into my bag. But overall, a great product and definitely worth the investment.

A lot less weight

I purchased a set of 10" x 12" Level 3A kevlar backpack panels and spall liners for my Condor ballistic vest. Although I gave up some protection as my panels are Level 3 Plus, they weigh 9.8 pounds each plus my side panels weigh almost 5 pounds each. The Kevlar vest only weigh 1.12 pounds each. Thought I was going to have to tie a rope around my waist to keep from floating off like a hot air balloon, LOL.
I watched a youtube video, that one of those gun/ vest ballistic guys did. He shot the vest with a 9mm, 357 magnum and a 45 caliber. Although the vest is rated up to a 44 magnum, he did not have one present at the time of this particular video. I watched him unload at least 40 rounds of the above different calibres into the vest and none ever penetrated completely through the vest which thoroughly impressed me enough to purchase the vest. I've worked the last 35 years now as a law enforcement patrol officer although now I work as a reserve officer and let the younger generation take over. I now work in the security world and drive armored vehicles so protection is a definite. I chose this vest for being light weight and stopping power plus it won't wear me down with weight as the steel plates do. At 64 years old 30 pounds of steel plates gets heavy even when I'm driving the truck for 8 hours and I almost need a tow truck to haul me out after sitting so long. Lol.
Premier vest has my total attention. I have searched numerous ballistic vest companies, watched countless number of hours of ballistic vest videos of vest being hot up, vest made in china to the United States and everywhere in between. Premier vest are in my opinion some of the top vest in the world and the prices are very compatible and better than some that I have seen.
So give these folks at Premier a good looking at. I believe they can and will give you a great product for a very reasonable price. Thanks folks.

Michael thank you for the thorough review of our Level IIIA Universal Fit Backpack Panel! Really appreciate it and hope you enjoy the panel for years to come! Thanks again and stay safe - PBA Team
Great product and service

Perfect fit for my bag and great customer service. Highly recommended to anyone who needs ballistic panels.

Great product, lightweight, comfortable, and does not shift around your body while standing or walking like conventional vests do. Highly recommend