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Great product and service!

The IIIA backpack panel I ordered fits my Vertx EDC Commuter Sling perfectly. Its very lightweight and I hardly even notice its there. In addition to a great product is the exceptional service! Fast shipping with great updates and communication. I will be using Premier again in the future!

Trofitz thanks for your purchase and great review! It's always nice to read really positive reviews as we do try hard to serve our customers the best we can and produce only the finest quality products possible. Thanks again and stay safe - PBA Team
Level IIIA Vertx Backpack Panel

The Vertx Backpack Panel fit the Vertx shoulder bag precisely. Premier Body Armor filled the order promptly. Hopefully I will not have the opportunity to put the ballistic panels to the ultimate test.


John Keegan (a.k.a. Whiterabbit)

Thank you John for your order of our Level IIIA Vertx Backpack Panel and for taking the time to write a review. Stay safe - PBA Team
Great quality! Fit way better then expected!

Extremely happy!

Thank you Daniel for your order of our Level IIIA Vertx Backpack Panel. We work hard to keep that fit consistent and perfect! Enjoy and stay safe - PBA Team

Level IIIA Vertx Backpack Panel

Thanks Ryan! Stay safe _ PBA Team

Level IIIA Vertx Backpack Panel

Thank you Luis! Stay safe - PBA Team


Thank you for the review Peter! Enjoy the product and stay safe. - PBA Team
Ordered for 5.11 MOAB RUSH 10

It fit real well in my shoulder bag. Not heavy at all. No one else sells this for the RUSH 10. Just what I was looking for.

Len, thanks for the review of our panel for the 5.11 MOAB RUSH 10! Our panels are super light weight and 100% made in the USA. Thanks again and stay safe. - PBA Team
Visible logo

I don't like that when you open the bag pack it shows the plate logo. People will know what you carrying.

Thanks for your purchase and review Manuel. For a fully discreet method of carrying the panel, the Vertx line of bags is recommended. Vertx bags have a built-in armor pocket that closes with hook and loop. This completely conceals the panel inside. Check them out here: Thanks again and stay safe! - PBA Team
Great product and fit my Vertex 2.0 bag perfect

Love the product and nothing negative to say. I will be buying again in the future.

B. thanks for the review! Please enjoy the panel and stay safe. - PBA Team
Durus™ 8000 NIJ Cert. 10"x12" Plate
Durus 8000 10x12

Perfect fitment in my Crye JPC medium. Ran with these plates as OpFor and they were extremely comfortable and lightweight! The curve felt great. Fends off hate skittles great

Weston, thanks for the review of our plates and their compatibility with the Crye JPC plate carrier. Enjoy and stay safe! - PBA Team
Level IIIA Universal Fit Backpack Panel

Real value for the money with quick order turnaround. Fit as expected.

We appreciate the review of our Level IIIA Universal Fit Backpack Panel James. Please enjoy and stay safe - PBA Team
Dont think twice!

I'm amazed with the quality and the design. Definently buying couple more!

Thanks Christian for your purchase of the Vertx Tactigami - MPH FULL. These holsters are the perfect addition to any bag or surface that has hook and loop fabric! Thanks again and stay safe - PBA Team
Perfect EDC

I absolutely love this 2.0 bag! It’s perfect for my EDC setup when I travel further than work which is usually 20 minutes. It’s a great overnight bag as well! I’d recommend this setup to anyone looking for something like this.

Justin thanks for your review of our Armored Vertx Commuter Sling 2.0 Kit. This kit is a classic and is perfect for almost any situation/application. Thanks again and stay safe - PBA Team
Vertex transit bag

Working great as a low vis off body option.

Bryan thanks for your purchase of our Level IIIA Vertx Backpack Panel. Carrying armor in a bag, off the body, is one of the best alternatives to wearing a vest each day. We appreciate the review. Stay safe - PBA Team
Vertx Panel

Awesome panel. Fits perfectly and shipped right away. Great company to deal with.

Thanks Jonathon for taking time to write a review of your experience with us. We appreciate it! Let us know if you ever have any issues with your product and stay safe. - PBA Team
No complaints

The dimensions are a perfect fit for the bag, the overall weight change was minimal and it didn’t take way from the existing space.

I recommend the bag and the panel for LEO purposes as well as EDC.

Thank you Manuel for your purchase and review! Our USA made armor is hard to beat! It's funny that you mention the LEO application of our backpack armor as that is where it all started for us. Thanks again for your review and stay safe. - PBA Team
Another great product!

Put this plate in the Ferro Concepts “slickster” carrier. Being that the slickster is a low profile carrier , this plate is a perfect match.. the plate is thin and its curved which provides a comfortable combination when worn tight to the body with no visible printed edges shown, throw a jacket over it and it cant be seen at all... great choice if you are planning to run armor covertly.

Thank you Tom for the thorough review! The Ferro Concepts slickster is a great carrier and really is compatible with our thin plates! Glad you are having a great experience and let us know if you need anything in the future. Thanks again and stay safe. - PBA Team
Can't wait to try it out!

I found it funny that I am being asked to review this product. I will say that it looks great. I can say it is extremely light weight. And lastly, it fits nicely in a backpack. I'll have to pass on letting you know how it works...for now... LOL

Louis, haha we hope you never find yourself in a situation to need it, but it will be there for you! Thanks for the review of the fit, lightweight quality, and good looks. We appreciate your time! Stay safe - PBA Team
Great fit

Fast shipping. Great product. Have 3.

Leonard, thanks for the review and your continued loyalty. We do strive to offer products that perform, fit correctly, and get delivered to you on time. Thanks again and stay safe. - PBA Team
Fits perfect

Great Gear

Jamie, thank you for your review of the perfect fit of our armor panels. Pleas continue to enjoy and stay safe. - PBA Team
Satisfied customer

After watching their armor being punished on YouTube I decided to order a panel for a vertex bag. Came packaged well and armor panel is brand new. Hopefully I never have to put it to the real test!

Joey we also hope you never have to test it, but our armor will be there for you! We appreciate the review and stay safe. - PBA Team

Perfect fit for my EDC Ready pack, and incredibly lightweight!

Samuel thank you for your purchase and for your review! The Vertx EDC Ready Pack and our Level IIIA Vertx Backpack Panel is an awesome combo. Thanks again an stay safe - PBA Team
Fit like a glove!

I have a vertx transit bag and ordered the body armor for it immediately as you never know when it might be needed. It fit like a glove in the compartment that it was designed for a the material is great quality, shape and fit. I am glad that there is a company that will work with bag companies to fulfill their needs in society today.

Thanks for the quick delivery and great customer service. I am a customer for life!

Wow Dirk thanks! We do take customer service and timely delivery very seriously! Please enjoy your new Level IIIA Vertx Backpack Panel for the Transit bag and stay safe - PBA Team
Gamut Panel

The panel fits perfectly with easy installation. Carry it in my bag every day with no issues. 10/10 would buy again

Thanks Weston! Enjoy that new Level IIIA Vertx Backpack Panel in your Vertx Gamut bag! The combination of our panels with Vertx bags is unbeatable. Thanks again and stay safe - PBA Team
Awesome Fit

Fit perfectly in my Vertx Transit 2.0. I bought 2 of these for the bag.