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Added Protection with out Notice

Nice add in to my bag, fits right in the pocket and doesn't take up additional room. You really never notice that its in there.

Bulletproof Can Cooler
Bryan Thompson
Life saver

I feel safe every time I have my koozie with me from premier body armor. I have the confidence to go out drinking and know I can keep me and my frosty beverages safe. With my cat like reflexes I can ward off any thuggish people trying to take out my drink. I can also hold my nifty koozie in front of all of my would be assassins bullets to save my friend and family. Thank you premier body armor for saving countless lives!!!

Commuter Sling 2.0

The Commuter Sling 2.0 paired with Premier armor is a great bag!

Backpack Armor

I have Premier Armor in all of my Backpack, sling, and briefcase setups. Premier has always been fast at shipping and good on communication. Armor has always been top notch and true to fit for specific cuts.

Sweet pictures! Thank you for being such an epic customer and for trusting Premier Body Armor with your life. It is not something we take lightly.

Great product. High quality.

The panel’s construction is solid and made extremely well. The attention to detail is top notch. The panel is light and thin. The fit is perfect as it is cut to perfect dimensions to properly fit the bag. It is soft and when I sit back on chair\bench with my bag on, it’s not noticeable. It also provides some rigidity and support for this bag. That makes it much more comfortable when I have heavier items in there - especially when the bag is expanded. Shipping and processing was very quick and I have no doubts Premier's customer support is as good as the products they make. The products are solid and so I bought two more backpack panels for use. Thank you for protecting us and our loved ones!

Universal Fit

This is a great product that fits perfectly in the Vertx laptop main compartment pouch or the back pocket. It also fits great in my other backpacks that will hold a 15” laptop. If doesn’t all noticeable weight to the pack which is important since I do a lot of travel and through airports.

Commuter sling level 3A insert

1st and foremost it was delivered on time. It is a perfect fit slid in matched up every corner no play. Would highly recommend to anyone with this specific bag. I carry this all day no fatigue. I'm going to be ordering the hard plate next to combine both. Thanks again for making a quality product.

TAD Fast Litespeed insert

Well with there not being a exact fit for the TAD Fast Pack Litespeed I went with this size..and it was a perfect fit.
The combo is a great set up for my EDC..I have Premier inserts in 3 other bags and have been impressed with the fit and finish with each panel.

Good stuff!!

I got my IIIA panel rather quicky, and I slipped it in my Vertx tourist sling bag. I definitely plan to order 1 more so that their can be 2 ballistic panels for added protection. Overall I feel much safe when I'm out in public with that ballistic panel in my tourist sling bag.
Good stuff guys, thank you!!!

Note: Ballistic panel is located behind pistol, and 2nd panel will be located behind "STB" kit (stop the bleed).

Bulletproof Can Cooler
James Monskie
Bulletproof can cooler

Love it, gonna buy a few more as gifts. They keep the cans cold, and so far no can has slipped out.

Excellent option

Got this for my Vertx Gamut 2.0 bag and I couldn’t be more pleased with the build quality, weight, and design. It fits as if it was made by Vertx!

Definitely recommending to others


Stratus III+ Enhanced plates are ridiculously thin and light for a rifle rated plate. The multi curve fits extremely well to the body.
One thing to note if you are ordering from Canada is that there will be an extra charge from customs upon delivery so take that info account as it will add to the cost.
Also be careful when adding sales or discounts with the rewards program. Only one can apply. I was not paying attention and removed the sale discount while trying to use a small amount of rewards dollars on my account.
All in all a very good product from Premier.

Nice bundle

Great little sling and the Kevlar panel fits perfectly in the intended slot. Light, great looking, and durable. The rapid access tab works great as well. I use a luggage lock on the concealed carry compartment for a little extra “privacy” when I’m at work. When I’m wearing the sling though, access is quick and easy.

Looking forward to getting another Vertx/Premier bundle when I replace my larger backpack.


Great for backpacks with hook and loop very good organization for my backpack. It was a very nice set up for my medkit and bandages

Awesome pistol/SBR bag!

Stumbled onto to Vertx a few months ago while trying to find a non-LE/M backpack that I could fit an AR Pistols and some essentials in. Came across this bundle with Premier IIIA and I had to pull the trigger. I now own 3 of these combos and couldn't be happier. Personally I prefer the Gamut series bags and this is a great smaller option that can still hold a AR Pistol with folder or collapsible stock (I have both). Bundle was on sale and the price paid was well worth the utility and peace of mind. Great for EDC, Truck or home! 5 stars

Sweet koozie

Impressed at how thin these are for what bullets I have seen them stop in video’s. Awesome product I got for myself as well as some gifts for others. Didn’t even know that they had a bottle opener tucked into the label.

EDC Perfection

Insert fit perfectly in my commuter sling. Weight is negligible for amount of protection offered.

Fits perfectly in all my bags

I got 2, one for my backpack and one for my wife’s. It’s very slim and can fit in almost all bags given the dimensions.

Bulletproof Wallet
Sean Daigle
Awesome wallet!

The wallet is very cool its extremely sturdy, has nice thick stitches and feels like it will last quite some time. My leather one has fallen apart. It looks good its thin and has plenty of space definitely reccomend for anyone needing a wallet that will last and has that cool factor but for 50$ ya can't beat it. I love mine!

Perfect Fit - Also

Hate to copy others review title but the first thing that comes to mind is how well it fit. The insert seems to be of very high quality too. Light enough that I don’t notice it in my pack. It is large enough to give a useful amount of coverage (Vertx Ready)). Fortunately I can’t comment how how effectively the panel performs.

Perfect fit!

This panel fit perfectly in my daughters vertex backpack as advertised!

Great company & Products

This will be my second plate carrier. My first setup was a Condor pc and ar500 level III steel plates. Those plates weigh about 10lbs a piece, and we’re only curved perpendicular, so it was a lot of weight at the core of my kit. I purchased the Core plate carrier with 2 level III+ multi-curve Stratis plates. I am very happy with my purchase.
I am so excited with how light the plates are. The whole set up seems even to light, but once you add all the other crap it’s perfect. I am very impressed thus far with Premier Body Armor. With my initial purchase I earned enough reward points to pay for 2 spall panels (to use as trauma pads). With each purchase there has been a thank you card that is actually signed by Alex Stewart. I’m imagining this is true for each purchase. That is one of the most exceptional things I’ve seen from a company. Keep up the good work.

C. Simpson

Perfect fit

I picked up 2 of these panels to add to both compartments of my Vertex Transit 2.0 after seeing an instructor run these in a EP course. The ability to have handgun rated armor and double the effective protection area is huge when running low profile or having the ability to provide protection to someone in the case of an event. Panels are light and I don’t notice them in the pack (replacing the factory foam) and additionally no one else will either. High quality product and awesome force multiplier!

The perfect cables/electronics pouch

In the quest for the ideal cable/electronics organization this is the best I have found yet and as an added bonus has hook material on the backside to connect into bags interior lining. Not to big, not to small for cables, power block, business cards and a few other odds and ends. Highly recommend!

Viktos Bersherken Jacket
Thomas Salmons
I love it

It’s the best! My favorite jacket makes a great mid layer jacket.