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Awesome! Fits other bags I own as well

I absolutely love the multicam black look! Having this in my bag gives me a little more ease of mind when going to sketchy places

It great !!

Fits great and feel protected at all time .
Does not weigh down the bag

Definitely happy with my purchase

Good product, be aware of the thickness

I bought this intending to use it with my original Vertx Commuter Sling (the '1.0'). It fits into the armor pockets well, but due to its thickness, I cannot both have the armor and also have a firearm in the CCW compartment, even slim single-stack guns. This is more of a criticism of the bag design than the plate and it might not apply to the Commuter 2.0, but since the plate is designed for this line of bags, it would have been nice to have that information in the product description.

super light

slid that bad boy in my pack and didn't feel the weight but I know I'm protected

Perfect Fit!

Large Universal Fit Level IIIA Insert fit perfectly into my Blue Force Gear Jedburgh pack. Despite the delays A LOT of companies are experiencing in shipments, Premier Body Armor got the insert shipped extremely fast! Thank you!

Viktos Gunfighter Sweater

Overall good purchase. There are a lot of good features to the sweater. It seems to be well made and designed. The only real suggestion I would make it possibly internal pockets to the Kangaroo pocket in the front.

Heron NIJ Level IIIA Concealable Vest with Plate Pocket
Worth the wait

It took longer than expected but it was worth the wait. Everyone on my job wants one! 😃😎

Great EDC system.

A perfect fit! Keep up the good work!

Great product

Perfect fit and Shipping was very quick !

Great quality

Ordered the Premier body armor t’shirt ( red ) and the quality and fit are PERFECT!! Great group of people at premier body armor that I got the pleasure to meet! Will DEFINITELY be a returning customer

Perfect fit

This panel fit my pack perfectly w no room to spare. It’s light, flexible, and I already forgot it’s in my pack.

Great Product

Great product, well made, offering some peace of mind in a crazy world. Fits easily in my laptop bag and weighs almost nothing.

Great product and will purchase more

This insert fit perfectly into my Vertx Commuter Sling. I have version 1 and works great. Hopefully I will never have to leave a review saying that it saved my life but it is there if it's needed.

I want 1 more!

Great Fit

It fits really well. You can 100% tell you're wearing it but under a uniform it doesn't really matter. The cut is really nice, and it lets me stay mobile.

Another Five star product

Well made and Lightweight with a thin profile. These were the perfect panels for my slick carrier I leave in my car. Premier never fails to disappoint. Buy with confidence.

Fantastic Back pack Body armor combo

I have had my Vertx Gamut Overland /Premier body armor combo for about a month now. I love it, comfortable back pack with all the room I need and want in a go bag. It holds the CMMG Banshee 300 series unit very well with plenty of room for survival gear or what ever you choose.
The Armor slides in with no problem and in my opinion makes the pack more comfortable, by keeping the weapon system from poking me in the back and giving the pack even more rigidity.
It's a win in my book.

Vertx Essential Sling 2.0

Vertx Essential Sling 2.0 level 3a insert was a snug fit in the velcro pouch where the thin plastic insert sits. Overall worked out great.

Repeat Customer for a reason

As always, this is a wonderful product. Perfectly fit.

Good product, fast shipping

Product was as described and delivered fast.

Vertx Gamut 2.0 Level 3A Plate

Perfect Fit and doesn’t change the fit at all. Overall really love the plate and definitely will be buying another for my other bags.

Vertex edc back pack armor

Great company. The vertex edc back pack armor got here fast and fit great in my vertex. There is nothing better then having that added security with this in my edc bag. Where ever I go it goes. Thanks for marking a great product.

Seems fine. Can’t really test it out.

Seems well made. Surprisingly lightweight. Will report back if I get shot and don’t die. I have it in my GWA Citadel gen 2.

Perfect Fit

My first purchase. I’ll be sure to always purchase your inserts for my vertx bags

Peace of mind

I purchased my back pack armor on the idea that I pray it is never tested in real life. I have two Vertx EDC carry packs. One I carry every day. I work shift work and we’re are not allowed to carry on the premises. So having this lightweight armor brings some peace of mind in the event o an active shooter. Rifle rated would be better but life is comprise. The fit is perfect. Thank you, Kent

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