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Why Choose a Premier Body Armor Ballistic Shield?

Simply put, our shields offer unparalleled quality and protection. We offer a blend of durability, reliability, and lightweight design, all tailored to meet your defense needs. The vast majority of people have no need for a heavy riot shield costing several thousand dollars.

High quality protection only makes the world a safer place when people can afford it. We’ve designed our shields to offer as much protection as possible while still keeping it accessible.

Let’s talk about capabilities. Our industry leading bullet proof shield designs incorporate the latest ballistic technology to date, to optimize for strength and weight. The durability of our shields is rigorously tested to withstand real-world ballistic threats.

Low weight and high maneuverability are often overlooked, but contribute to a wider range of use cases for the shield. To further enhance maneuverability, some  of our shields include angled corners to support a defensive firearm.

All of our shields offer Level III+ protection, with the exception of our Level IIIA home shield. This is priced accordingly, costing half as much as the other shields. 

Owning a Premier Body Armor ballistic shield is not just about defense; it's about confidence. Knowing you're equipped with a shield that is rigorously tested for performance gives you the self-assurance that is critical in high risk situations.


Are Ballistic Shields Bulletproof?

The term "ballistic shield," is somewhat confusing, as it doesn’t specify whether or not the shield is bulletproof. So, are ballistic shields bulletproof? 

The answer is that ballistic shields are able to provide defense against the vast majority of guns and bullets. This includes handguns for our level IIIA shield, and rifle rounds for our III+ shields. Different threat levels call for different levels of protection.. 

It’s less of a question of whether or not a shield is bullet proof, but rather how bullet proof the shield is. For this reason, many experts prefer the term “bullet resistant”. Remember that nothing is truly bullet proof. You are very unlikely to encounter armor piercing rounds in your day to day life. The point of body armor is to drastically reduce the likelihood of injury or even death. Luckily, body armor has proven time and time again to be effective in doing so.

To decide what the best ballistic shield for you is, try to think about where you will be using the shield. For example, our home shield is designed with Level IIIA (handgun) protection. This is the most practical, as you are statistically very unlikely to encounter rifle threats during a home invasion. 


What Are Bulletproof Ballistic Shields Made Of?

In order to better understand why these shields work, we must first understand the materials science behind them. The majority of modern bulletproof shields, including the more specialized bulletproof riot shields, are primarily constructed from Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE). This advanced material stands out for its unique combination of strength, durability, and lightweight properties.

UHMWPE is a type of polyethylene with extremely long chains, which provides it with a high level of impact resistance and tensile strength. This makes it an ideal material for bulletproof applications. The strength-to-weight ratio of UHMWPE is one of its most significant benefits. It allows for the production of shields that are highly resistant to penetration by bullets, and light enough to bemaneuvered easily during intense situations.

The integration of UHMWPE in these designs results in a shield that doesn’t compromise on functionality or mobility. This material places our bulletproof shields at the forefront of personal defense technology, and is used in all four of our ballistic shields. 

Each shield is further enhanced by a special polyurea coating. This increases the shield’s lifespan and durability while protecting the shield against abrasions, scratches, and water.

We also made sure that the shield's hardened steel hardware is completely bullet-resistant, ensuring no weak points in any part of the shield. 


What Will a Level III, Level IIIA, and Level III+ Bulletproof Shields Stop?

Bulletproof shields are sorted into NIJ levels including: Level III, Level IIIA, and Level III+. Each level offers a unique degree of protection, tailored to various threat scenarios.

Earlier, we discussed how level 3a ballistic shields are designed to offer protection against most handgun rounds. You may be thinking: “Why wouldn’t I buy a shield that can stopevery kind of bullet? The answer is because it would be unnecessary, as well as coming at a higher price. Our level III+ shields utilize a much stronger UHMWPE that costs more to produce, but may not be as practical for simple home defense. 

Regardless, any protection is better than no protection. Yes, Level III shields protect against higher velocity ammunition. A brand new sports car drives better than an old van, but both are better than no car. 

So what will a Level III shield do that a Level IIIA shield can’t? The Level 3 ballistic shields are rated to stop rifle rounds, which are more powerful and have a higher velocity than handgun ammunition. These are typically used in tactical operations or high-threat environments. Some people prefer the additional peace of mind. There is no “correct” approach to personal safety.

The Level 3+ ballistic shield offers an even higher degree of protection. While not officially recognized by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) standard, our Level 3+ can stop rifle rounds that are more powerful than what the standard Level 3 rating covers. 

Now, for our more technical readers, this explanation may feel insufficient. Here are some charts showing what kind of ammunition each level is rated for:

body armor nij stopping power chart

For more info on NIJ ratings, check out our blog onUnderstanding Body Armor Ratings


Ballistic Shield Protection for All Disaster Situations

A ballistic shield is one of those things that can be useful in virtually any disaster scenario. 

To start, police forces find riot shields ideal for managing crowd control situations. Military personnel often use these shields as part of an offensive tactical strategy.

On the other hand, ballistic shields become crucial when defending against a gunman. A bullet proof shield can provide maximum protection for multiple people against a weapon, whereas a bullet proof vest can only protect one person at a time. In the event of a shooting, our bulletproof shields can be positioned to cover the face and body at the same time.

In any high-risk situation – be it a riot, a shooting, or even an earthquake – having a ballistic shield can mean the difference between life and death. When you purchase one of our ballistic shields, you likely won’t notice its high level of defensive capability. What you will notice is the peace of mind you get, every single day, knowing you have options if put in danger. That’s where the value of any body armor truly comes from.

Protect What Matters Most With a Home Defense Bullet Proof Shield

In the sanctuary of our homes, safety is paramount, and nothing should compromise the security of our families. With this in mind, having basic home defense measures available is a necessity for many. 

When considering a home invasion, most people think of handguns. Unfortunately, this is typically the primary weapon of choice for someone breaking into your home as well. In many cases, threatening a burglar with a firearm puts you at a greater risk of being shot. On the other hand, not having a firearm puts you in a bad position. Homeowners must shift their focus to reducing the risk of injury. 

This is why having a shield for home defense is such a great option. 

As comfortable as our bulletproof vests are, you don’t want to sleep in them. A home defense ballistic shield can be used to protect both the body and head, and is ready as soon as you pick it up.

So- what have we done to make homes more safe?

First (and most importantly), our shields are affordable. In a more perfect world, you would have money for personal armed guards, but most people don’t. 

For this reason, our home shields utilize Level IIIA ballistics. The soft armor is designed to protect against all of the firearms you are most likely to encounter. The average home invasion doesn’t involve an AR-15 (although we do have a shield for that, too.) 

While affordable, the shield is far from cheaply made. That’s because it has everything you need, and nothing you don’t. We made sure that it's easy to use, lightweight, and maneuverable. Your great grandma can use it. We also changed the shape of the shield with home defense in mind. Angled corners give you a place to comfortably support a firearm. 

We understand that your family's safety is your top priority. OurLevel IIIA Home Shield is engineered to offer a high standard of protection, for both your home and your wallet. 

Keep Students Safer with a Ballistic Shield for Schools

Safety of students and children in schools has become a matter of pressing concern. Ballistic shields for schools are a vital component of security. Premier Body Armor's School Shield is a strategic response to the increasing threat of mass casualty events and active shooter situations. We wanted to offer practical solutions designed to enhance safety in educational environments.

The design of our ballistic shield school options balance the need for robust protection with practicality. OurFirst Aid Shield is designed for classrooms, churches, and office buildings, but can be used in any emergency. With level III+ protection, this shield is capable of completely stopping AR-15 rounds. 

The most important distinction between this shield and others is that it comes with four essentialbleed control kits. The average bleed out time is 2-5 minutes, while EMS typically takes 7-10 minutes, This is often higher in active shooter situations. 

The First Aid Shield comes in a durable Cordura carrier. We offer various color options, and we will print your organization’s logo on the carrier for free. 

While first aid is important, the most important component of a shield is that it stops bullets. It is crucial to get as many of these shields as possible in schools, which is why we offer ourPremier Body Armor's School Shield. This shield offers the same level III+ protection at the lowest cost possible. 

The placement of ballistic shields in schools is a proactive step towards safeguarding our children and educators. Ensuring the safety of our students is not just a responsibility but a moral imperative. The School Shield is just one of the products in our much larger school safety collection.

Get Professional Level Protection with a Pro Level Shield

For law enforcement and tactical teams, the need for professional-level protection is non-negotiable.Premier Body Armor's Stratis Shield Level III offers versatile, professional-level protection. This advanced shield is an ideal choice for police officers or SWAT teams, as well as anyone seeking a reliable defense against potential threats.

Despite its robust capabilities, this shield is incredibly user-friendly. Weighing just 8.6 lbs and less than 1 inch thick, the Stratis Level III+ Shield is designed for easy maneuverability. Its lightweight nature makes it a practical choice for various scenarios, whether as a police shield during daily patrols, a bulletproof riot shield in crowd control situations, or a rifle-rated shield for school resource officers.

The shield's advanced design includes ambidextrous handles, allowing for comfortable use by both left and right-handed individuals. Corner cuts provide additional functionality, enabling effective one-handed firearm manipulation. This feature is particularly useful in dynamic situations, making the Stratis Level III+ Shield a versatile tool for various applications.

Constructed to meet and exceed Level III standards, the Stratis Level III+ Shield is an essential piece of equipment for anyone in need of professional-grade safety. Discover the full capabilities of this top-tier police and SWAT shield under ourStratis Shield Level III listing.


Protect Yourself With The Best – Get Top-Level Defense With The Right Bulletproof Shield

At Premier Body Armor, we understand the critical need for reliable and effective defense solutions. Equipping yourself with adequate defense tools is becoming more of a necessity than a choice. We’ve explained how the ballistic shield is easily the most well rounded piece of body armor you can own. Still, our bulletproof shield selection offers solutions for professionals and civilians alike.

The best bulletproof shield is one that not only offers superior protection but also aligns with the specific requirements of its user. Whether you're a law enforcement officer facing unpredictable threats daily, a security professional in charge of safeguarding others, or a civilian seeking an added layer of safety, the right tactical bulletproof shield can make all the difference.

Our shields are engineered to provide the right standard of defense against a wide array of ballistic threats, ensuring that you're well-prepared for any situation.

When looking at bulletproof shields for sale, you want to consider factors like threat level, weight, mobility, cost, and ease of use. Our school shields are designed to offer defensive protection. The Home Shield and Stratis Shield offer an additional tactical advantage. The home shield offers great lightweight protection at an affordable price. Our level III Stratis shield offers top of the line, professional protection for even higher threat levels.

By opting for a Premier Body Armor shield, you're not just purchasing a product; you're investing in your safety and peace of mind. With our bulletproof shields, you're equipped to face potential dangers with confidence, knowing you're protected by the best in the industry.

Explore our range of top-tier tactical bulletproof shields and find the perfect match for your defense needs.