Premier Body Armor Announces Home Security Shield

GASTONIA, N.C. – May 24, 2023 – Premier Body Armor, a leading provider of innovative personal protection solutions, proudly announces the launch of its newest product, the Home Shield. This revolutionary home shield sets a new standard in personal protection, offering unparalleled lightweight and practical defense against armed home invasions.

thin and lightweight home shield for security

“Utilizing armor for home defense has always been a bit of a tough compromise,” said Alex Stewart, President of Premier Body Armor. “Upon hearing a bump in the night, you could throw on a plate carrier, but that’s admittedly a bit slower and louder than may be desired. Something that can be deployed silently, so the intruder won’t hear, and one-handed, so you don’t have to delay grabbing your defensive tool, would be best. Our Home Shield is the answer to this! It’s lightweight, perfectly sized for close quarters and protects the upper body and head.” 

Thinner than an iPhone and weighing in at just 3.8lbs, the Level IIIA Home Shield is the lightest of its kind on the market. Crafted with precision, this cutting-edge shield is designed to stop common handgun and shotgun threats, the predominant weapons used in the majority of home invasions. At 15”x18”, the shield provides a wide coverage area, ensuring comprehensive protection.

home shield stored in bedroom for easy access during break in

The Level IIIA Home Shield is constructed of domestically sourced polyethylene and has a polyurea coating to deliver durability. The comfort and security is evident in the shield's easy-to-hold handles and straps, allowing homeowners of all ages to confidently wield it during critical moments. With an affordable price point well below $500, homeowners can afford to equip multiple locations within their residences, ensuring comprehensive protection. 

Premier Body Armor also offers the STRATIS Level III Shield, catering to individuals seeking rifle-rated protection for higher threat levels. However, statistics consistently indicate that the vast majority of home invasions involve handguns, making the Level IIIA Home Shield a practical and sufficient solution for most homeowners.

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