Best Off-Body Carry Setups: The Ultimate Guide for EDC

In the world of concealed carry, convenience and accessibility don't always go hand in hand. How you carry can often influence the speed at which you can access your weapon. This is where off-body carry excels.

backpack and sling bags for off body carry

Off-body carry, keeping your firearm in a bag or backpack, instead of attached to your body, is a popular choice. It offers another solution for those looking for both concealment and easy access, especially when on-body carry might not work. Let’s delve into the best off-body carry setups featuring some of the best ccw bags, bulletproof panels, and holsters.

Bags for Concealed Carry: Key Considerations

When considering an off-body carry bag, you should prioritize accessibility, discretion, and security. The bag should offer a quick and smooth draw while ensuring that the firearm remains concealed and protected.

Choosing the Best Concealed Carry Bag for Your Needs

Identifying the best off-body carry bag involves evaluating your daily activities, the environments you frequent, and your personal style. The best concealed gun bag allows you to carry discreetly AND provides functionality for your day-to-day tasks. Whether you're headed to the office, traveling, or hiking, you can find a suitable bag tailored to your needs.

viktos backpack for off body carry outdoors

Off-Body Concealed Carry: Benefits and Challenges

Many who off-body concealed carry choose to because it offers more flexibility in wardrobe choices, especially during warmer months. It's also beneficial for those who find on-body carry uncomfortable, or are just starting out with a ccw. The main challenge is making sure the bag remains within reach and is not easily stolen or forgotten.

man in town with viktos sling bag for off body ccw carry

The allure of off-body carry bags is also the versatility. The bags can serve as regular backpacks with compartments for laptops, sunglasses, and other daily essentials, all while safely concealing your weapon. The bag's design should be inconspicuous, ensuring you don't draw unwanted attention.

Off-Body CCW: Holster and Bag Integration

A quality CCW bag holster ensures that your firearm remains in place, reducing the risk of accidental discharge. The best off-body carry system seamlessly integrates the holster into the bag, allowing for a smooth draw. Adding body armor panels ensures you are both offensive and defensive.

1. The Versatile Traveler: 

The Bag: The Viktos Upscale Sling 3 is a water-resistant nylon bag and sized between a fanny pack and a tactical sling bag. Not only that, it can be worn on either side, ensuring easy pistol access whether you are right or left handed.

viktos upscale sling bag

With a main compartment designed for extra magazines and first aid, and a padded section for eyeglasses, it's perfect for the daily commuter or the casual traveler. The Upscale Sling comes in a variety of nylon colors as well as leather options, making it a solid choice for both men and women.

The Body Armor: The Premier Body Armor Custom-fit panel for the upscale sling seamlessly integrates protection into your EDC. Designed with top-notch para-aramid ballistic core and a rugged 500 Denier CORDURA® outer shell, it’s both lightweight and dependable. It’s a vital addition for any off-body carry bag. Upscale 3 inserts include the standard Cordura wrapped ballistics and a hook and loop version to maximize bag functionality.

The Holster: The Crossbreed Custom Modular Holster not only offers stability but also flair. Customize it to reflect your style with designs like Tropical, Tattoo, or Old Glory. Versatility with the Velcro® backed system ensures your weapon remains accessible no matter the situation.

velcro bulletproof panel in viktos upscale bag for ccw

This combo is great for people who want both style and function. It's the ideal bag for city life or traveling.

2. The Tactical Professional

The Bag: The Viktos Perimeter 25 Backpack is designed for 24-hour tactical EDC, and is both rugged and versatile. The weatherproof body, durable zippers, and universal CCW holster make it a popular choice for tactical pros, professionals, and outdoor lovers. The size is perfect for holding extra magazines, first aid supplies, or a change of close for quick transitions from work to play.

viktos perimeter 25 bag

The Body Armor: Carry the trusted protection of the Premier Body Armor Custom-fit panel tailored for the Perimeter backpack. With a design tested to meet NIJ ballistic standards for Level 3A, it’s discreet and always ready to defend.

The Holster: The CrossBreed Modular Holster offers adaptability with it's optional add-ons - be it the Purse Defender, Belly Band 2.0, or the Pac Mat. It's the ideal choice for those needing flexibility in their carry methods.

crossbreed holster in a viktos perimeter 25 backpack for off body carry

This combo is great for people who shift between professional and recreational settings. It's the ideal bag for those who are office professionals or outdoor enthusiasts.

3. The Tactical Urbanite

The Bag: The Viktos Lowkey Chest Rig easily transitions from a low-visibility EDC satchel to a fully tactical chest rig, ensuring adaptability in dynamic situations. Built from weather-resistant nylon ripstop, other noteworthy features include its adjustable 4-point padded chest harness, a removable shoulder strap for casual carry, and magnetic quick-release buckles.

off body carry with viktos low key chest rig

Internally, the rig boasts space for three rifle magazines, four pistol magazines, and a full-size pistol in the included holster. Plus, like all Viktos bags, its U.S. veteran-designed and developed, a testament to its utility and reliability.

The Body Armor: Safety takes a new dimension with the custom-designed ArmorSHIFT Panel for the Viktos Low Key and Tactulus Chest Rigs. Featuring innovative ArmorSHIFT Technology, this ballistic panel effortlessly adapts to changing situations, expanding from 8" to 12" in mere seconds.

armorshift body armor panel for chest rig doubles in size

While its slim profile ensures discretion, it doesn't compromise on protection, meeting the stringent NIJ ballistic standards for Level IIIA. Plus, with TSA approval and a 5-year warranty, it's a panel that assures protection whether you're on home turf or traveling.

The Holster: The CrossBreed A.R.M.S. Holster brings unparalleled modularity to your EDC. With the ability for an off-body carry holster to transition across various platforms, from a Belly Band at work to Velcro® in your bag, it ensures you're always prepared.

This combo is great for people who value adaptability and discreteness, and is perfect for those wanting a tactical edge without being cumbersome or drawing unwanted attention.

 viktos bag with off body carry concealed weapon

Choosing an off body bag setup involves more than just convenience or style. You should also consider safety, ease of use, and preparedness for any situation. With the combination of Viktos bags, Premier Body Armor bulletproof panels, and CrossBreed holsters, you’re not just carrying; you’re carrying smart.

Your EDC essentials are more than just items; they're an extension of your commitment to safety and preparedness. Whether it's ensuring holster retention or having quick access compartments at your fingertips, every detail matters.

Always be ready, always be protected, and always carry with confidence.

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