Complete Guide to Situational Awareness: Staying Safe in Everyday Environments

In today's dynamic world, safety and situational awareness are more critical than ever. Whether you're shopping at the mall, attending a concert, or simply filling your tank at a gas station, knowing how to assess and navigate potential risks can be life-saving.

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Our series, created with law enforcement and over 20+ years experience, dives into practical ways you and your family can stay safe across everyday environments. Our hope is that these articles will equip you with the knowledge to move confidently through your daily routines.

Each article is listed below, followed by our video series and excerpts of each article. Let us know what tips you'd add in the comments of the articles. We are all better (and safer) together!

Articles in this series:

  1. Staying Safe at Gas Stations
  2. Parking Garage & Lots: Safety Measures
  3. Navigating Stadiums, Concerts, and Festivals Safely
  4. Safety Guidelines for Malls and Stores
  5. Movies: Ensuring a Safe Cinematic Experience
  6. Night Out Safety: Restaurants & Bars


Check out our Mojo Minutes video series for practical safety tips you can use today!



Staying Safe at Gas Stations

Ever viewed your routine gas station stop as a potential hotspot for criminal activity? With many focusing on the convenience of a quick fill-up or snack grab, it's easy to overlook safety. But, as Morris points out in his insightful 'Mojo Minutes,' even a brief moment of distraction can invite unwanted danger. Dive into our comprehensive guide, where you'll unearth essential tips - from the importance of situational awareness to the power of visible self-protection. 

Parking Garage & Lot: Safety Measures

Ever felt that unsettling tug in your gut while navigating a dimly lit parking garage? You're not alone. Shockingly, 1 in 10 property crimes and a significant 7.3% of violent crimes play out in parking areas. Morris, our vigilant Ambassador, unpacks actionable steps in his 'Mojo Minutes' to bolster your safety amidst these concrete labyrinths. Discover how to spot a safe parking space, why your intuition is your strongest ally, and the hidden dangers of elevators. Arm yourself with these insights, and let's turn the tables on those shadowy statistics.

Navigating Stadiums, Concerts, and Festivals Safely

Attending the next big concert or festival? The thrill of live events is unmatched, but safety should never be an afterthought. Whether it's strategizing your position in a crowd or ensuring your drink stays uncompromised, our comprehensive guide offers actionable steps to prioritize your well-being. Discover how to blend caution with celebration and make your next event both memorable and secure.

Safety Guidelines for Malls and Stores

As malls and stores become increasingly popular hangout spots, there's also an uptick in security concerns. From parking tips to personal protection, our latest guide, including insights from our Ambassador Morris, equips you with practical advice for safeguarding both your shopping spree and your wellbeing.

Movies: Ensuring a Safe Cinematic Experience

While cinematic adventures can be enticing, rising security concerns may have made you think twice. From choosing your seat to considering personal protection gear, our latest piece provides essential guidelines, including expert advice from Ambassador Morris, to ensure your movie experience remains thrilling for the right reasons.

Night Out Safety: Restaurants & Bars

Navigating a night out requires more than just picking the perfect venue. In a world where unexpected dangers can be just around the corner, being prepared is essential. Our latest guide offers invaluable tips for a safe evening, from guarding your drink to making wise digital decisions. Ensure that your memorable nights out are for all the right reasons. Dive in to arm yourself with knowledge and enjoy your time with confidence and care.

At Premier Body Armor, we're not just about offering quality armor; we're dedicated to empowering individuals with the knowledge they need to stay safe. Beyond our range of concealable vests, bulletproof backpack inserts, rifle-rated plates and other armor, we believe in a holistic approach to personal safety. 

We call it the Armored Mindset.

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