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Do Bulletproof Backpacks Work?

Do Bulletproof Backpacks Work?

Understanding the Bulletproof Backpack

bullet proof back pack armor insert


Time for Honesty

At Premier Body Armor, we want to help protect you and your loved ones in a practical way! Adding specialized body armor solutions to your everyday routine is the best way.

How do Bulletproof Backpacks Work?

Bulletproof inserts and backpacks are made of layers of Kevlar®, synthetic fibers woven together in a crisscross pattern to form a strong yet flexible weave. The process is repeated multiple times creating sheets of Kevlar® which are stacked on top of each other and sewn into one piece. The layers of Kevlar® are covered with an outer material. Premier Body Armor uses Cordura®, which is a woven nylon and filament yarn that creates a sturdy, waterproof fabric.

When a bullet hits the layers of Kevlar®, the tight weave traps the bullet, stopping deeper advancement. Our has been tested to withstand multiple hits.

Bulletproof Backpack vs. Bulletproofing Your Backpack

There are two products on the market for backpack armor - the “bulletproof backpack” and the “bulletproof backpack insert/panel”. It's important to note that while these may sound similar, they are different products.

Bulletproof Backpack

Some companies manufacture a bulletproof backpack that has a Kevlar® panel sewn into the lining. There are also options for a steel plate to be inserted, but this creates a heavy bag. The pro is this is an all-in-one solution, but doesn't allow the wearer the flexibility of making changes to the bag as easily.

 Cost: $150-$350

Bulletproofing your Backpack

Bullet-resistant backpack inserts are standalone panels. The Kevlar® panel is sized to fit into the back compartment of your backpack. Some tactical bags, such as Vertx®, have a specific compartment for a bulletproof panel. For most backpacks, simply sliding the panel into the rear of the bag or laptop compartment works well.

The advantage of the bulletproof panel is the ability to choose the backpack. If you get a new backpack, you can simply switch your panel to the bag. Likewise, you can insert a new panel into your backpack when it needs to be replaced (body armor has an expiration date, which is typically 5-years).

 Cost: $99-$250

Does Bulletproofing your Backpack Work?


PBA’s panels have been tested against and withstood common handgun rounds as specified by the NIJ (National Institute of Justice) Standard-0101.06. This includes ammunition such as 9mm, .40, .45, and .44 magnum and Special Threat Tested against 12 Gauge (buckshot and slug), Liberty Civil Defense 9mm and FN 5.7×28 (SS197SR).

Most bulletproof backpacks and panels stop common handgun rounds and resist against some stab and slash threats. Companies repeatedly test their products to ensure the utmost safety. The FBI reported handguns were used in 64% of 10,982 U.S. gun murders and non-negligent manslaughters in 2017 (Pew Research Center). Handguns are not every threat you might face, but they’re the large percentage.

The bottom line - bulletproofing your backpack increases your chance of survival.

bulletproof body armor in school backpack

How to Use a Bulletproof Backpack?

When wearing a bulletproof panel or backpack, your back (and blind spot) is covered. Your vital organs are protected from behind. Even though your chest doesn't have a panel over it, you can assess the danger in front of you.

Common practices if you hear a shot:

  • Try to escape and get to safety - with some situational awareness, you'll know where the exits are and can quickly get out of the situation safely. It's always best to assess your environment and have a plan so you can move quickly if necessary.
  • Turn your backpack around and cover your head and chest with your bag if the threat is in front of you. You can use the straps to carry the backpack in front of you, or slide your arm through the straps and use the bag as a shield.
  • Cover your vital organs. The most important thing is keeping your vitals (heart, lungs, etc.) protected by the armor.
  • Use common sense.


    Is Bulletproofing My Backpack Right for Me?

    If you are on the fence about buying a bulletproof backpack panel, take a minute to think about the situations you are in on an everyday, week, or month basis. In general, do you feel safe while you are out and about running errands? Give thought to some other scenarios where ballistic protection could come in handy:

    • Do you feel safe in your neighborhood?
    • Do you travel frequently for work or pleasure?
    • Do you go hunting?
    • Do you shoot at a range?
    • Do you attend concerts?

    If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, consider investing in backpack armor. 


    PBA' s Backpack Panels

    Premier Body Armor sells bulletproof backpack panels in a variety of sizes and colors. We produce bullet-resistant panels because we believe body armor should fit your lifestyle. You can use a regular backpack - the color and style you like - and simply add our panel in the back.


    • Tested to meet the NIJ 0101.06 Level III ballistic standard
    •   1-2 pounds in weight depending on the size you choose
    •   .22" thin
    •   Resistant to some stab and slash threats
    •   TSA approved

    Our panels are 100% made in the USA.

    bullet proof backpack panels come in different sizes to easily fit any bookbag

    Panel Warranty

    Incident Replacement 5-Year Warranty.


    Other Bulletproof Options

    We understand you don't wear your backpack 24/7! We also offer bulletproof laptop cases, as well as purse and binder inserts.

    Higher Protection Options

    Check out our YouTube channel to see our backpack panels put to the test.


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