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Why Made in the USA AND Berry Compliance Matters

Why Made in the USA AND Berry Compliance Matters

"Made in the USA" May Not Be Good Enough

Guest post by Andrew Schuler

Made in the USA doesn't always mean manufacturers use domestic sources. For the highest quality, you're looking for both "Made in the USA" and Berry Compliant products. At Premier Body Armor, many of our products meet that criteria, as we use only the best, most reliable materials.

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What is the Berry Amendment Act?

Passed by Congress in 1941, the Berry Amendment Act was implemented to safeguard the US economy during a time of war, World War II. It did so by shutting out foreign competition for products such as tools, food, tents, clothing, and textiles by following the Buy American Act, which requires the US government to prefer American-made goods in its purchases.

The Berry Amendment applies to any item the US Department of Defense (DoD) purchases. So, if your company or project is under contract with the DoD, your product must be Berry Compliant. That means American-owned manufacturers must create the product in the United States. Or, to be specific, American companies expecting to attain Berry Compliance must guarantee that their products, including all its elements, are 100% domestically produced.

Compliance is about more than just the final product. It's also about all the materials and supplies that go into them. Take, for example, a US military uniform: to become Berry compliant, that military uniform must use US-sourced fibers/yarns, which the manufacturer then remakes into textiles before trimming, sewing, and assembling the uniform in the United States. Though this process seems inconvenient for manufacturers, it proves worthwhile in the long run.

all of our body armor is hand sewn in our USA factory


Why does Berry Compliance matter?

Buying all-American matters for several reasons. For starters, buying American goods boosts the national economy and supports American jobs. Additionally, by buying from domestic companies, you ensure that your products come from manufacturers that adhere to American labor laws and manufacturing standards. Even better, through the Berry Amendment, we have maintained the safety and security of our armed forces. However, body armor is now available to the everyday person. So, Berry Act compliance is relevant to all body armor wearers, not just military personnel.

Now, many of our competitors might say they make their products in the US, but does that mean all their materials are domestic sources?


When "Made in the USA" is deceiving

The answer: only sometimes. In many cases, American flags and "Made in the USA" labels refer to products that start with foreign materials, are modified or assembled in the US, and are then marketed as "Made in the USA." In fact, many American companies will trick their customers. They'll sew a few stitches into a foreign-made product, such as one which uses cheaper materials, like China or Vietnam. Then, they'll add a label and repackage the item as American-made, leaving the customer unaware of the fact that they're purchasing a product of lesser quality.

At Premier Body Armor, however, almost all our products are Berry Compliant. Every fiber that goes into manufacturing our bulletproof vests, backpack armor, and other ballistic products are sourced and made in the USA. The ballistic fibers found in Premier Body Armor products are single-source. They come from DuPont,™* the people that invented para-aramid fibers, better known by their trade name Kevlar®. 

For over 50 years, DuPont™ has led the industry, bringing strength, durability, and performance to all of the protective products they produce. In selecting materials for our products, we tested countless ballistic materials from many manufacturers. The results always speak for themselves, and ballistic fabric produced with DuPont™ fibers proved vastly superior.

Less expensive para-aramid fibers exist, but they are produced in countries with loose manufacturing regulations. These products tend to weigh more, are thicker, and, most importantly, do not live up to Premier's quality standards or those set by DuPont and their domestic partners.

Needless to say, we don't take shortcuts at Premier Body Armor. You will only ever see superior materials in our products. 








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