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The Ultimate Armored EDC Bag

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bulletproof backpack armor going inside a bookbag
Do Bulletproof Backpacks Work?

Bulletproof backpacks are more than just a safety accessory; they blend modern protection with everyday functionality. Dive into how they're made, their efficiency against various calibers, and why they might be a wise choice for daily use. 
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Understand all the body armor levels from a 3a soft armor vest to a level 4 body armor tactical vest. Whether you're looking for ballistic armor or a plate carrier setup, this blog explains everything with body armor.
Understanding Body Armor Ratings

Do you know the level of protection your body armor provides? We break down the body armor ratings and what they mean so you understand what you are wearing or carrying.
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school bookbag with bulletproof back pack insert
Talking to Your Child’s Teacher About Bulletproof Backpacks

In the face of rising school shooting incidents, bulletproof backpack inserts are becoming an additional layer of protection. This blog post provides essential advice on discussing the topic of bulletproof backpacks with your child and their teacher. We delve into classroom procedures, emergency codes, and how to have open and respectful conversations about school safety.
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