How to Find the Right Vertx Bag for You

April 29, 2022

Your backpack essentially should mirror your mission. Whether it’s for an everyday job commute, hiking, medical needs, or concealed carry, your bag should fit all your needs. Comfort, durability, organization, size, protection, are just the beginning of the factors to consider when choosing your backpack. Making the decision for yourself or someone else can be overwhelming. We want to help you find the right backpack for your needs!

Vertx Bags

We’re big fans of Vertx bags! These versatile backpacks rise to every occasion. If you’re looking for a bag that can range from holding tactical gear, medical supplies, everyday concealed carry, or simply your laptop and travel gear, these bags are perfect! You can enhance any of your Vertx bags with any of our custom level IIIA soft armor inserts. The same threat level protection our bulletproof vests offer are available in ballistic inserts to bulletproof your bag. 

Our staff often travels with Vertx bags from the office, conferences, and even to the range for some fun. Vertx offers a complete line of tactical bags, concealed carry sling bags, rifle backpacks, range bags, and urban CCW bags.  

With all of these options for their bags and packs, we want to help you narrow down which backpack will best fit your mission! We’re going to share some of our personal favorites and why they work great for any environment. 


Vertx Sling Bags

Vertx Sling bags are adaptable for your CCW or EDC needs and perfect for taking advantage of the Rapid Access Tab. Sling your bag around your body, pull the Rapid Access Tab, and access your gear while having a Premier Backpack Armor insert protect your vitals!  Here are our top favorite Vertx Sling Options:

The Commuter Sling  

An ultimate concealed carry sling bag, the Commuter Sling is rifle-compatible and has a concealed carry platform with loop lining, sling attachment points, and a Rapid Access pull tab. The Commuter Sling also offers strategically located Tactigami compatible loop panels and gear slots. This rapid-rifle sling bag is ideal for carrying essentials to the job or having confidence switching to an active mode.  

Image of Vertx Commuter Sling 2.0 and level 3a armor insert

The Transit Sling 

A little brother to the Commuter Sling, the Transit Sling lifts the burden of a full-size backpack. The Transit sling is perfectly discreet to blend in with the crowd, but quickly access your tools in an emergency situation without announcing the presence of your gear. The Transit Sling is hydration bladder compatible and accommodates up to a 14” laptop.

Image of Vertx Transit Sling 2.0 and soft armor insert

Vertx Backpacks

Backpacks are a perfect solution to keep you under the radar while having all your CCW readily accessible. Vertx backpacks are strategically designed for organizing your essential everyday gear and keeping your materials securely stashed until you need them. Here are our top favorite Vertx Backpack Options:

The Gamut

The Gamut is one of our best selling backpacks because of how much this bag has to offer! The Hot-Pull Tab on the Gamut provides access to a scabbard that doubles as a laptop and sensitive gear sleeve. You can even use the front flap as an external sling to carry larger items and keep your laptop in its dedicated sleeve. The Gamut is the perfect bag to keep all your gear exactly where you need it, when you need it. 

Tactical backpack for all your EDC needs

The Ready Pack

An extremely versatile backpack for an armored laptop bag or for a tactical range bag. You can easily convert this bag to a different appearance by tucking the front flap, giving access to the MOLLE panel concealed with your gear. The main compartment has a laptop sleeve, three gear slots, and loop panels for Tactigami accessories. As one of the best armored laptop bags, the Ready Pack is a great option for an office setting, classroom, or at the range. 

The vertx Ready Pack, perfect to carry your tactical gear from range to the office

Necessities for Your Everyday Carry System

Premier Backpack Armor

Vertx bags all come with a conceal carry platform to accept ballistic panels so that your armor doesn’t get in the way of your gear. Premier Body Armor makes level IIIA soft body armor inserts to custom fit every Vertx bag.The beauty of our bulletproof panels is that they are so light, you’ll forget the panel is even there. Because our backpack armor inserts are TSA approved, you can carry the best soft body armor plates with you wherever you go. We even offer a 4 pound backpack plate that offers rifle-rated protection. 

Tactigami Accessories

Tactigami accessories are fantastic for organizing your concealed carry compartment! Lightweight, malleable pieces that make it easy to organize your weapons, ammunition, and more within any Vertx bag! Choose a variety between handgun holsters, mags, flashlights, anything you need in an emergency. 

Image of Vertx Tactigami accessories used for EDC gear

Bag Organization

The most critical function your pack performs is to carry the gear you need efficiently and with instant accessibility. Vertx offers large, medium, and small mesh pouchesSOCP panels, and more to keep your gear organized. 

Medical Gear

Premier Body Armor offers a variety of medical gear that has everything you or a loved one would need to stop bleeding inflicted by the vast majority of gunshot wounds. Medical gear should be compact, deliver immediate critical care, and each of our MFAK/iFaks come with equipment most requested by First Responders. 

Image of first aid kit and it's contents

Never compromise on your everyday carry system. We believe in readiness and preparation for any event. Whether it’s hiking, shooting, or commuting to the office, your backpack should reflect your mission wherever you go. 

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October 31, 2022

I have the over land and gamut with panels, love them both.

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