Introducing the Nexus Hybrid Concealment Vest Bundle: Unmatched Protection for Everyday Safety

Premier Body Armor is thrilled to introduce its latest innovation, the Nexus Hybrid Concealment Vest Bundle, setting a new standard in personal protective equipment. This comprehensive bundle consists of two premium components designed to ensure your safety, providing versatile protection in any situation.

concealable body armor vest with icw plates

The Nexus Hybrid Concealment Vest Bundle offers an unmatched defense solution, whether in high-stress tactical situations or daily routines. "The Hybrid Concealment Vest is a dual-purpose platform built to scale from Level IIIA handgun/shotgun rated protection, up to Level III+ rifle-rated protection with ease” says Alex Stewart, President of Premier Body Armor. “Up-armor the HCV to rifle rated protection by simply inserting ICW (In Conjunction With) plates to the front, back, or both.”

The Nexus ICW Plate, crafted with precision using UHMWPE materials, provides Level III rifle protection when worn with the Hybrid Concealment Vest. This 8"x10" plate offers 100% more coverage than traditional 5x8 trauma plates, safeguarding your cardiac box. At just 0.625″ thickness and weighing only 2.0 lbs, it maintains a slim and lightweight profile. Proudly made in the USA, the Nexus ICW Plate sets a new standard for ballistic excellence.

The Hybrid Concealment Vest is adaptable and comfortable, featuring 12 points of adjustability for a secure fit. Its integrated pockets are tailored to fit the Nexus ICW Plate or 5x8 trauma plates, ensuring optimal protection and flexibility. Certified with NIJ Level IIIA ballistic panels, the vest provides outstanding protection without compromising breathability or flexibility. Expertly crafted in the USA, the Hybrid Concealment Vest guarantees rugged durability and reliability.

The design ensures that the Hybrid Concealment Vest is not only effective in providing protection, but also comfortable for everyday wear. Says Stewart, “Recognizing that concealment is the central goal here, the HCV is equipped with a smaller footprint of plate pockets. Two pockets on the front carry either an 8"x10" or 5" x 8" plate, and then a single 8"x 10" pocket option is on the back. With the Nexus Hybrid Concealment Vest Bundle, you can have full coverage and full concealment all in one kit.”

bullet proof vest with icw plates

With the release of both the Hybrid Concealment Vest and Nexus ICW Level III Plates, Premier Body Armor once again proves its dedication to transforming the landscape of personal safety and protection. This new product promises to make exceptional protection a comfortable, accessible, and integral part of daily life.

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