An Industry First: Female Ballistic Vest

January 23, 2023

Premier Body Armor is proud to announce the first ever female ballistic vest available to civilians, the Female Concealable Armor Vest. Armored with PBA’s proprietary structured armored design, FemaleFlex, the FCAV provides Level IIIA protection specially designed to fit the female form. 


“For years now, form-fitting, female soft armor packages have been reserved for police officers and completely unavailable to civilians.” says Alex Stewart, President of Premier Body Armor. “We are pleased to introduce our new FemaleFlex armor package and Female Concealable Armor Vest! From now on, women can be protected in a vest built for them.”

The Female Concealable Armor Vest combines the same high-quality, Made in the USA, Berry Compliant material of Premier Body Armor’s Concealable Armor Vest in a way that compliments the curves of the female body. There's no need to select a cup size; FemaleFlex Molds to each wearer’s shape.


Image comparing the fit of a bulletproof vest for men to a bulletproof vest for women

What's Different About a Bulletproof Vest for Women?

The curved armored package hugs the body without gapping or uncomfortable compression and is just 0.22” thick. Available in five (5) sizes, each with six points of adjustability, the FCAV provides a snug fit. The new Female Concealable Armor Vest has an MSRP of just $770. 

With lavender accent stitching and a sleek design, the vest is perfect for concealable wear or use as the outermost layer. The inside of the vest features soft, breathable fabric with an antimicrobial finish. The durable elastic cummerbund and shoulder straps makes the ballistic vest fully adjustable.

Image of comfortable and adjustable female bulletproof vest.

Features for the First Female Bulletproof Vest

  • Curved armor design optimizes comfort and fit for women without sacrificing protection or coverage
  • Concealed zippers provide access to the Level IIIA ballistic panels in the front and back
  • The armor core is constructed with Made in the USA Kevlar®
  • Water Repellant
  • 100% Made in the USA (Berry Amendment Compliant)
  • A moisture management system that includes a wicking antimicrobial liner
  • Internal plate pocket that accommodates a 5”x8” IIIA trauma insert (included) for blunt force trauma protection
  • 6 point adjustability. Two at the shoulder and two removable 6”x12” elastic straps that can be adjust on the front and back
  • Low Profile VELCRO ® Brand hook & loop (50% thinner than traditional hook & loop)
  • Machine washable outer carrier
  • Stab and slash-resistant

Image of a bulletproof vest for women

From now on, women who are seeking a comfortable bulletproof vest that is actually designed for their bodies, will be able to find just the right vest at our Female Concealable Armor Vest page! Ladies, now you never have to wear a men's vest again... 


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