Premier Body Armor's Why

November 14, 2022

It’s time for a family chat. 

Premier Body Armor has always been focused on protecting people and their loved ones. What started with the military transitioned into Law Enforcement, eventually leading us to where we are now, with the belief everyone should be empowered by peace of mind. 

Where We've Been

Here’s the deal, when Frank started his company over 30 years ago, he had no idea it would come this far. With a military contract for armored vehicles, he built a company with expertise and passion that would come full circle to protect the homefront. Building on that experience and ingenuity, PBA has a full line of personal protection products for everyday civilians. Each product is designed and manufactured with the same quality that went into protecting the men and women who protected us and our country.

Image of Frank Stewart and quote explaining premium armor at a decent price.

Where We Are

Now, we offer armor to both Law Enforcement and civilians. From armored vests for private security to backpack panels for school safety, we hold true to our mission of inspiring confidence in our community through innovative, American-made armor solutions. We work diligently to integrate personal body armor into everyday life, de-stigmatize the perception of armor, and educate on the imperativeness of armor.

Ultimately, this unrelenting passion is the driving force for a greater evolution of personal protection. We’ve laid a strong foundation in the years since Premier Body Armor was born, through an obsession for customer empowerment, but we aren’t stopping there.

Image of armor used for the military, for law enforcement officers, and armor for civilians.

 The bottom line is, we can’t make crime go away. What we can do is offer first class resources to equip people in their everyday lives. Whether it’s to combat fear or provide greater peace of mind, we eagerly look ahead to continue providing the best safety solutions and an armored mindset to the whole family.

"For some time now we've been talking around the office about how personal safety is more than just body armor, or any single product line for that matter. Keeping safe in this world requires a shift in mindset. Now, I'm not talking about core values or morals or even personality changes; rather, the shift I'm describing here is simply a recognition that there are factors under our control that we can influence to lower the likelihood of harm coming our way. This is a mental awareness, an active seeking towards safe things and away from potential hazards. Like the armor we manufacture, we think this mindset shift could have life saving implications as well. Thus we've dubbed it the "Armored Mindset". Soon we'll dive deeper into the many ways you can armor your mindset to not only prepare for the worst, but hopefully outright avoid it."

-Alex Stewart, President of Premier Body Armor

Where We're Going

And it only gets better. Moving forward, you’ll see an expansion in the PBA mission. We still believe in providing peace of mind, but that doesn’t just mean wearing body armor. It means learning & being aware of your environment & surroundings. You will see this obsession for customer empowerment evolve and expand, as we offer educational resources to strengthen the entire family’s armored mindset. 

Image of mother giving backpack armor to her child

Wanna know the best part? This all comes back to you. This comes from our conversations and interactions with our customers, and it’s for you. We’ve always strived to create the best products, providing ways to ensure safety and a peace of mind. Looking ahead, we’re going beyond physical armor; we’re seeking to equip and empower people with an armored mindset. Why? Because family looks after family. 

Great family chat, now stay safe and God Bless 🇺🇸

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