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by Alex Stewart July 31, 2020 2 min read

The Future of Personal Protection

Personal Protection Armor

Why Body Armor Needs to be Practical and Tactical

We are a people on the GO.

 We work 40+ hours a week, shuttle kids from T-ball games to birthday parties, sweat at the gym, meet friends for drinks, take care of the lawn, and our email inboxes are filling up onedingat a time.

When it comes to personal protection, we need solutions that will suit our lifestyles. Sporting a heavy, non-discrete vest to the grocery store is tactical, but not practical.

 But we cannot sacrifice protection.

 Bulletproof Bags & Panel Inserts

Bulletproof bags and panel inserts are ideal for when you don’t want to worry about what you’re wearing.

Fit in:

  • Backpacks
  • Purses
  • Laptop Cases
  • Commuter Sling Bags


  • Fits into the rear of your backpack or laptop compartment
  • Made of Kevlar® and 500 Denier CORDURA®
  • 1-2 pounds depending on the size you choose
  • .22 inches thin
  • Stab and slash-resistant
  • Meets NIJ Level IIIA ballistic threat level standards
  • TSA approved

 Tru-Spec Concealed Armor Shirt with Custom Armor Inserts

This shirt is specially designed with an everyday lifestyle in mind. No vest!


  • Tru-Spec concealment shirt combined with our top-of-the-line Level IIIA Armor Inserts
  • Chest and back pocket for panel inserts weighing less than 3 pounds
  • Panel pockets lined with mesh and foam for stability
  • Polyester and spandex weave for comfort and breathability (TRU-DRI)
  • Reinforced collar so the shirt won’t sag (we’ve all seen the tide commercial)
  • Each panel weighs .8 pounds making the shirt 2 pounds
  • Stab and slash-resistant

Places to wear Bulletproof Bags & Panel Inserts and Tru-Spec Concealed Armor Shirt:

  • Around town
  • Work
  • School
  • Restaurants & social events
  • Airport (Shirt recommended after security checkpoint for ease of passage)
  • International & domestic travel

We aren’t minimizing the importance of the bulletproof vest. It saves lives. But our world is changing and so is the future of personal protection.

Will your body armor keep up with your lifestyle?

Check out our social media and YouTube Channel to see what body armor – in real life – looks like.

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