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The Everyday Armor T-shirt

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Premier body armor products featured on the Demolition Ranch youtube channel. Matt has shot our rifle rated backpack armor plates and our level iiia soft armor panels. Check out his youtube page to see our body armor put to the test!
Read all about the capabilities of our backpack armor on Recoil. Our lightweight ballistic panels perfectly fit many Vertx bags. Matching custom bulletproof panels with your Vertx bag is the perfect concealable body armor solution.
Police 1 writes about our innovative armor solutions for backpack armor, body armor, or even the lightest ballistic plates on the market. Find out more information about our newest body armour products here!
Our bulletproof armor is custom fit for nearly any bookbag. You can fit level 3a body armor in your backpack to stop all common handgun rounds. Our ballistic armor inserts are unnoticeable and thinner than an IPhone.
Watch NBC for more information about our ballistic armor. Our level iiia soft armor can slide seamlessly into your backpack for a concealable body armor solution. You can watch us find solutions for bulletproof backpacks and school safety here.

Our leadership team has over 75+ years combined armor design and manufacturing experience

USA Sourced Raw Materials

Our armor is Berry compliant, meaning that we use only the highest quality, domestically sourced raw materials in our manufacturing process.

All of our bulletproof plates are produced under certified organizations to consistently create high quality products for our customers. Using high quality manufacturing enables our body armor plates to have industry-leading warranties.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified Facility

ISO 9001 is the international standard that specifies requirements for quality. Certified organizations demonstrate the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.

Our company consists of experts in producing bulletproof armor with over 75 years experience. With a history of producing armored vehicles, you can trust us when manufacturing body armor for all your safety and protection.

75+ years experience

Our leadership team has well over 75+ combined experience designing and manufacturing armor. This includes extensive experience manufacturing armored vehicles for the US Military.

The latest, most innovative technology is utilized when creating armor plates. Each panel of ballistic armor is crafted to be durable, lightweight, and exceptional. Our backpack armor inserts are unmatched in these areas of craftsmanship.

State of the art tech meets skilled artisans

Our master craftsmen use not only their skills, but the latest in precision technology to craft our body armor solutions.

Three buying facts that you need to know about buying body armor

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