What's Inside Premier Body Armor?

What your body armor is made of makes a difference. At Premier Body Armor, we source only the BEST raw materials to make our products. “MADE in the USA” is more than just a tagline for us; it’s a way of life. Every fiber that goes into the manufacturing of our ballistic vests and panels is sourced and made in the USA.

Why? Because the companies we purchase those raw materials from have the highest level of quality control in the industry.

The ballistic fibers found in Premier Body Armor products are single-source. They come from DuPont™* , the people that invented para-aramid fibers, better known by their trade name...Kevlar®.


For over 50 years, DuPont™ has led the industry, bringing strength, durability and performance to all of the ballistic products they produce. In the process of selecting material for our products, we tested countless ballistic materials from a number of manufacturers. The results always spoke for themselves, and ballistic fabric produced with DuPont™ fibers proved to be vastly superior.

Less expensive para-aramid fibers do exist, but they are produced in countries with loose manufacturing regulations. These products tend to weigh more, are thicker, and most importantly, do not live up to Premier's quality standards or those set by DuPont and their domestic partners. You will NEVER see inferior materials in a Premier Body Armor product!


*Some of our vests and panels are made with Barrday ballistic fabric. Barrday is an industry leader, and use DuPont fibers in the production of their fabric.