15 Tactical Gift Ideas for the 2022 Holiday Season

December 19, 2022

The holiday season is upon us and if you’re anything like me, you’re scrambling to come up with gift ideas for your family and friends. 

However, have you ever considered giving the gift of tactical gear? If you’d asked me that question last year, I would have looked at you like a deer in the headlights (no pun intended).

body armor christmas gift for holidays

I admit, for those of you who enjoy certain outdoor sports and activities or own guns, this is probably not a foreign idea. But for many, myself included, tactical gear never made the list of possible holiday gifts – until now.  

I don’t want to play the part of the Grinch, but it goes without saying that the world today is vastly different than the world of yesteryear.

With advances in tactical gear and a greater array of products available, the gift of tactical gear is a practical (and sometimes fun) gift idea for everyone. So, let’s delve into the world of tactical gear and gift giving, shall we?

Bulletproof Backpacks

With an increase in school shootings, bulletproof backpacks have seen an uptick in sales, specifically among parents. Bulletproof backpacks are designed to provide similar levels of ballistic protection as the more well-known tactical vest, but instead of wearing it, you carry it. 

Image of bulletproof backpack

Interchangeable ballistic plate inserts that are designed to fit seamlessly into the laptop compartment of any backpack. Again, this is a great gift idea for anyone. As a side note, this is what I purchased for my son to fit into his backpack.

This is a great gift idea for students, business professionals, avid travelers and teachers and school administrators, who are our children’s first line of defense in the event of a code red emergency.  It’s a great gift for anyone really.  

Image of soft backpack armor insert for school safety

The Benefits of Backpack Armor

  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Come in a variety of sizes and NIJ ratings 
  • Provides a greater level of flexibility as it can be transferred from one bag to another
  • You can travel with bulletproof bags throughout the United States and on most domestic and international flights
  • Very cost effective
  • Doesn’t impede movement 
  • Easier and can be more practical to carry than other types of tactical gear
  • Diverse choice of options to meet the needs and abilities of children and adults alike
  • Cost effective

Bulletproof Vests 

Unlike the bulletproof backpack armor insert, bulletproof vests are meant to be worn and not carried. Most of us are familiar with bulletproof vests – law enforcement and military personnel wear them due to the very nature of their job and many avid outdoorsmen or gun owners probably own at least one.

Image of level 3a soft armor vest hidden under clothing

However, technological advancement and design has greatly increased not only the function of bulletproof vests, but also the form. If you’re considering a ballistic vest for a Christmas gift and don’t know which size, we typically recommend sizing down from their shirt size. The vest should be compressed, snug fit for concealability and comfort.

The Benefits of Wearing a Bulletproof Vest

  • Great gift idea for hunters, gun owners and avid outdoorsmen (and women!)
  • Slimmer styles are available that are easier to conceal under clothing, such as the made to order Elite Executive Vest 
  • Come as one unit with different levels of NIJ ratings and ballistic protection available.
  • Can be carried, but not worn on most domestic and international flights
  • Provide a high level of protection to the entire torso, both front and back and is always in place if worn
  • More expensive than other tactical gear 

Tactical Plate Carriers

Like bulletproof vests, plate carriers are meant to be worn around the torso. We would recommend checking out the Core Plate Carrier or the Discreet Plate Carrier. Both plate carrier options are modular and adaptable to many accessories. However, the vest itself isn’t what provides the ballistic protection. You can add rifle-rated plates or level IIIA soft armor inserts to the plate carrier.

Image of discreet plate carrier with body armor plates


While a plate carrier may come down to a user preference, plate carrier accessories are fantastic stocking stuffers and gift options! The Medical/Assault/Admin Pouch or our Bleed Control Kits are great additions to any plate carrier setup.

The Benefits of A Plate Carrier

  • There are two different types of plate inserts – soft and hard, each providing a different level of protection. Soft inserts are more flexible, while hard inserts are more different to conceal, but offer some level of protection against rifle fire
  • Provides greater flexibility for the user since the plates can be removed and exchanged for higher levels of protection when needed
  • Can be carried, but not worn on most domestic and international flights
  • Not as expensive as bulletproof vests

Medical/Admin/Assault Pouch (MAAP)

This is not your grandmother’s fanny pack. An excellent accessory to any tactical gear, this pouch is designed to be as versatile as the mission at hand. There are multiple pockets to carry a variety of supplies, such as three integrated AR-15 magazine pouches, medical gear, communication devices, or any EDC kit. 

Image of plate carrier accessories

Armored T-Shirts

Yes, armored t-shirts! Sometimes it’s just not possible or practical to wear a tactical vest, but the armored t-shirts are similar in that they function as plate carriers, just in the form of a t-shirt. Premier Body Armor’s Everyday Armor T-Shirt gives the protection of a level IIIA vest without the bulk. 

Image of armored shirt vest

Benefits of Wearing a Bulletproof Shirt

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Provides more practicality than a traditional tactical vest
  • Covers the cardiac box and gives vital protection against common handgun rounds
  • Cost effective

Bulletproof Laptop Case

Bulletproof Laptop cases are dual purpose, functioning as a laptop case while discreetly concealing Level IIA body armor plates inside. This is a great gift idea for anyone who travels with their laptop (and that’s a lot of us these days!) I own a bulletproof laptop case from Premier Body Armor and have easily carried and traveled with it in my bag. And, given the number of times I’ve dropped my laptop, it’s not just me who gains a level of protection.

Image of bulletproof laptop case

Benefits of a Bulletproof Laptop Case

  • Fits most laptops on the market
  • Is lightweight and easily carried in any backpack or large bag
  • Can be carried on most domestic and international flights
  • Cost effective

Now that we’ve covered the more traditional tactical gear, let’s look at a few holiday gift ideas that take ordinary objects to a whole new level of cool! As an aside, it should be mentioned that the following gift ideas are not meant to be used in place of traditional body armor when called for.

Bulletproof Tactical Wallet

Chances are we’ve all given or received a wallet as a holiday gift sometime in the past. But a tactical wallet takes the “cool factor” up a notch or two…or three. Now it goes without saying that a wallet small enough to be carried in your back pocket isn’t going to provide ballistic protection. But it will protect your other valuables like credit cards and money and that is a win in my book!

Image of bulletproof wallet

Bulletproof Tactical Can Cooler

For the guy or gal who likes to keep their beverage of choice nice and cold even in the hottest of weather, the bulletproof can cooler is an excellent gift. Like the tactical coffee sleeve, the bulletproof can cooler is made from level II ballistic material and keeps any beverage nice and cold. 

Bulletproof tactical can cooler

Tactical Pocket Knife

Who hasn’t needed a knife at some point, right? If you’ve ever found yourself in the middle of nowhere, trying to cut rope with a rock a la caveman style, you know a good pocketknife is key! Don’t ask me how I know this, just trust me. Knives are an ideal gift for your friends or family.

Even if you’re not into knives, you’ve probably heard of the very popular Swiss Army Knife. You know that knife that can pretty much do anything short of making you a cup of coffee in the morning? I must admit, they are awesome! Tactical folding knives are also a great gift idea for those who desire a more simple, straightforward knife. 

Image of tactical swiss army knife

Concealed Carry Holster

For your family and friends who have a concealed carry permit, a concealed carry gun holster is a great gift idea. Carrying a gun in public takes great responsibility and a good, concealed carry holster is a must. 

Water Bottle Filter

If you’re looking for a gift idea for someone who likes to spend time outdoors, or a prepper, a good water bottle filter is a great idea! Whether on a day hike or hiking in the backcountry, having a good water bottle filter that will remove bacteria and sediments from water can be lifesaving. 

Tactical Flashlight – A Good One!

Who’s afraid of the dark? Even if you’re not, a good and reliable tactical flashlight is essential whether you’re at home or out in the wild. Not only can it help you see in the dark, but it can also help you be seen by others.

A great addition to your EDC kit, in your nightstand, or in your car. A tactical flashlight is a must have for any scenario. Don’t forget to include those batteries…no one likes to get a toy that they can’t use right away!

Image of Tactical Flashlight

S.O.C.P Deployable Insert Panel

We all need a bit of organization in our lives and sometimes lives depend on it. The SOCP Deployable Insert Panel provides the critical function of ensuring gear is efficiently packed and instantly accessible regardless of the bag being carried.

From something as mundane as organizing a gym bag, to preparing for a weekend in the wilderness, the SOCP Deployable Insert Panel will help even the most disorganized of your friends and family. 

So, from practical ballistic protection, to every day carry gear and fun, there really is something for everyone when it comes to gifting tactical gear. 

Happy Holidays!

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