The Bulletproof Laptop Case: My Experience as a Student

At first, the concept of a laptop case that could take a bullet seemed like an unusual concept to my college peers. Many didn’t understand it. And many didn’t get the point.

But, as our school experienced a series of alarming gun-related incidents, their skepticism gave way to a more sober appreciation of the idea.

college student with bulletproof laptop case in hand

I go to The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and if you’ve kept up with its news, you probably know that its been a strange, scary, and sometimes violent semester here.

For instance, on August 28, just one week into the school year, campus police put the school into lockdown. This happened after UNC professor, Zijie Yan, was shot seven times – and killed. 

The shooting occurred in an academic building that I happened to be walking by minutes before it happened. Luckily, I was able to get the last bus out before the entire university shut down.

At that time, I wasn’t carrying Premier Body Armors’  bulletproof laptop case. Though, in hindsight, because of the fear, I wish I had been for the peace of mind it brings. 

student getting out of a car on campus with laptop case

Another gun related incident happened on campus only weeks later. This time I did have the bulletproof laptop case with me. And I’m not kidding when I say that I thought it might save my life.

In this case, I was studying in one of the university libraries when I heard an abrupt noise of collective screaming – it came from outside. 

I looked out the window and saw a group of panicked students rushing out of the student union. They, too, thought they were running for their lives, and rationally so.

bulletproof laptop case and backpack

Here, someone in the student union brandished a gun. No shots were fired. No one was hurt. However, because of the shooting weeks before, we were all on edge. We all knew that another shooting could happen here. It was (or is) very much within the realm of possibility.

At that time, I distinctly remember many of the students who ran from the union coming to the library to lockdown. Some were noticeably panicked. Some were in tears. Some were missing shoes because of the rush. Some even lost their backpacks and had their laptops smashed.

guy walking in school hallway

As we remained unsure about the suspect's whereabouts, the campus went into lockdown again. The libraries lights went out. We blocked the doors with desks and chairs. We remained put under a state of fearful uncertainty.

I remember thinking how grateful I was to have the bulletproof laptop case with me then. I thought that, if it came down to it, I would take the case out to protect not my laptop – but me. 

I planned for the worst case scenario: If the shooter came in, and I couldn’t escape, I would make myself small, hide under a desk, and use the laptop case to cover my head and torso. These are the thoughts you have in moments like these. student in library writing in notebook with laptop case on table

Because of that terrifying experience, I don’t view the case as just something to protect my laptop (though it definitely would/does). I know that, in dire situations like this, I could use it to cover my head or vital organs in the “cardiac box.”

Honestly, most people I talked to about Premier's laptop case thought it was unnecessary at first. Before these gun-related events happened, I often heard things like “Why would you ever need that?” and “That seems a bit extreme.” 

However, because of our new perception of reality (one where shootings are – I hate to say it – common), the same people I spoke to about the laptop case now have very different opinions.

student putting bulletproof laptop case in backpack on college campus

Now, when I talk to other UNC students about it, I often hear things like “That would’ve been good to have,” or “I wish I had that because of what we went through.” 

Many students here still feel uneasy when they're out, as these events have left lasting effects. I can say with some confidence, though, that even without consciously thinking about it, I feel much safer with this case by my side.

The Premier Body Armor laptop case is a valuable everyday companion. Crafted from para-aramid ballistic core materials, it stays lightweight at just 2.2 lbs, all while meeting the NIJs Level IIIAballistic protection standard. It’s also stab and slash-resistant.

camo bulletproof laptop case

Overall, it’s super easy to carry, and because schoolwork is becoming increasingly digitized, I’ll often carry the laptop case with nothing else throughout the day. Also, because it’s so simple in its design, no one has ever been able to guess it’s bulletproof. They usually only know when I tell them, making it 100% covert!

The case also fits my 16-inch Macbook perfectly, and it has all the additional room I need for my other supplies: Pens, pencils, my chargers, etc., etc . . . 

So, beyond its life-saving capabilities . . . the Premier Body Armor bulletproof laptop case is very useful. And I’m thankful I have it for more reasons than one.


Written by Andrew Schuler

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