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Demolition Ranch: From Superfans to Armored Suburbans

Demolition Ranch:  From Superfans to Armored Suburbans 

It’s no secret, we’ve been big fans of Matt Carriker for a long time. From keeping up with 50 cal Fridays to watching the DemolitionRanch youtube sensation shoot our $300,000 armored suburban, we’ve followed Demolition Ranch’s work for years. Our collaboration with Matt all started in 2019 when we met him at Shot Show and hooked him up with some of our bulletproof can coolers

The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

Months later, we reached out to Matt’s manager. We were excited to show and tell Matt about many of our practical solutions for armored protection. We told Matt and his manager about our awesomebulletproof wallets. Matt then showed off our Level IIIA wallets in this Demolition Ranch video:  

Even Body armor for DOGS?!

As we continued to get to know Matt we decided to send a k9 vest for his beloved, Demo.  Yes, at Premier we even providesoft armor for dogs! Naturally, Matt had to put this k9 vest to the test to be assured that man’s best friend would be protected. 

The Turning Point

As we followed Demolition Ranch, we continued to notice all the cool, creative content he was producing. We couldn’t help but wonder, “How can our innovative solutions for everyday armor collaborate with Demo Ranch’s content for testing objects against various threat levels of protection?” Enter the $300,000 armored suburban! 

The Proposal: Silver to Suburban

We noticed a video Matt posted offering a trade for his block of silver, so we reached out to the guys at Demolition Ranch with a proposition. We offered Matt a fully armored car, a bulletproof suburban to be exact, for his 1,027 oz block of silver. We were excited to offer this armored vehicle to someone we knew would enjoy it and put it to good use. So Frank, CEO of Premier Body Armor, shipped his personal, fully armored suburban to Matt.

PBA’s Visit to the Demo Ranch

Weeks later, part of our PBA team flew out to Demolition Ranch’s location in Texas to spend the weekend with Matt and complete the trade. Laughter was shared, guns were shot, and of course, armor was tested. Our body armor plates were torture tested as Matt ran over these multi-hit capable plates with his 5 ton! Our level III plate bounced back as this monster vehicle marked its tread over our Premier logo:

From One Family to Another

We stocked the Carriker family with Premier Body ArmorLevel III and Level IV rifle rated plates, our new tacticalplate carriers, andLevel IIIA soft backpack armor! Knowing that Matt and his son Lincoln were big fans of tactical gear, we had custom patches created for Matt and his whole family on our plate carriers.

Meanwhile Back at the Ranch

Our PBA team had a great visit with Matt and have loved keeping up with his experiments with our products including ourbulletproof vests, armored shield, and so much more! He truly puts our armored solutions to the test. His creative testing shows off our products’ capabilities to withstand rounds outside of the National Institute of Justice Certification. Our favorite may be the many torture tests to prove the durability of our products. 

“I’ll believe it when Demolition Ranch shoots it!”

Watching Demolition Ranch show the durability of our body armor systems to his million subscribers has been a great honor for our company. We understand it's a lot to put your money and faith into a body armor solution. What better way than to actually see our products stand up to Demolition Ranch’s tests?

As Seen On Demolition Ranch Youtube:

The Rest is History...

It has been an awesome experience for our Premier Body Armor Team to travel through the United States to meet other body armor and gun fanatics alike. Collaborating with Matt has been an incredible opportunity to inform his subscribers of modern solutions to help civilians feel empowered. 

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Thanks to Demolition Ranch’s creativity, you’ve witnessed our products perform above and beyond the NIJ testing protocol. With this in mind, we hope that you would trust Premier Body Armor as a leading innovator of protective solutions and continue to follow along with Matt on and off the ranch. 

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