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Discreet Executive Vest - Level IIIA


NIJ Certified
Level IIIA
Easy Exchanges
Antimicrobial Finish
Moisture Wicking
Ballistic Chart

  • Image of a kevlar bullet proof vest.Developed with input from leading executive protection professionals.  The Discreet Executive Vest was designed to have the same protection as an external Level IIIA vest, but be comfortable and concealable enough to wear to high-profile outings.  Worn like an undershirt, The Discreet Executive Vest all but disappears under a button-down shirt.  The easily removable outer shell is made from a space-age antimicrobial material that wicks away moisture and is breathable. Features like these, make it the go-to choice for countless International business travelers, politicians, music artists, celebrities, and concerned individuals alike. 

    Image of a bullet proof vest with level 3a soft armor plates.

    Body armor is legal to own in all 50 states (but we can not ship it to the state of Connecticut or New York).

    Law Enforcement / First Responder / Military discount available

    Please see TERMS & CONDITIONS for additional details regarding lead time, shipping, warranty & return policy. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 108 reviews
Great product

Awesome product arrived quickly same week I ordered and was sized exactly as advertised. I reached out in advance with my measurements to make sure I was getting the right size so that's kind of a pro tip right there send a email to these guys and they will reach back out with a answer quickly. I find the vest to be quite comfortable the material it's made with is nice and soft and easy on the skin. The kevlar is or course rigid and doesn't like to bend but they've combatted this with these spandex zipper flaps that connect the kevlar front and back pieces. They give the vest a degree of flexibility. I imagine after some use the vest will "break in" and fit a little more free floating and not feel like I'm wearing a ballistic vest so much. Very comfortable though and even right out of the box I could wear it all day no problem. Highly recommend especially for Black Friday what a good deal.

The executive

Thr vest is great. It is hardly noticeable with a T-shirt. In a button-down shirt or v-neck the vest is very discreet. The only concern is how the vest is pushed up when you sit down. Besides that, I'm very happy with it. The only Improvement I can think of would be velcro straps to make the fit more snug; but it could be a possibility I provided the wrong size. Get one, you won't be disappointed.

Gordon Fang-Wong
Very nice body armour but it did not fit

I wrote a complaint it was way too wide. I had to pay for shipping but the correct size is being made for me. It was really comfortable not too heavy but I got one a size too large following the guide. It fits my chest but the stomach portion was way too wide. Make sure after doing the size guide you message someone to confirm or you’ll have to wait two months. It is a very nice under shirt. Very compact and doesn’t break your profile no one will notice

Great buy!

I’ll keep this short and simple, I use this in a executive protection manner for work. I safe and prepared to handle any incident. Thank you!

Paul Mundy
Great vest.

I bought the vest because I work in Philadelphia (enough said). I have been wearing the vest in my office and out on the street under a T-shirt and not a single person has noticed I am wearing the vest. If you are looking for it you can see it under the shirt but it is VERY discrete.
I originally ordered an XL according to the size chart but felt the vest should fit me more snugly. I returned the vest and am much happier with the L vest with the expansion/extra zipper attached.
I would love it if the vest came with additional material so the bottom could be tucked into the waist to help keep the vest from riding up when I sit down.
Overall I am very happy with the vest. I feel much safer walking the streets of Philadelphia with the vest on.
As far as comfort….. it’s really not that bad. I wear a tank top t-shirt under the vest which makes a big difference but at the end of the day let’s face it, you’re wearing a bulletproof vest.
I have recommended to my friends that they should buy this vest and have considered buying one for the ones I really like. (Ha ha)
Definitely a great purchase. If you’re on the fence about the vest stop stalling and just buy one. You obviously have some concerns about your safety or you wouldn’t be reading this right now. Be safe not sorry!!!