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The Best Bulletproof Shirt Has Arrived

Premier Body Armor Announces Revolutionary Everyday Armor T-Shirt

GASTONIA, N.C. – September 27, 2022 – Premier Body Armor is proud to announce the next evolution in their line of body armor, the Everyday Armor T-Shirt. With the protection of a bulletproof vest, now in a lightweight, concealable t-shirt vest, everyday protection has never been more discreet or affordable.

Image of the a level 3a shirt vest that will stay hidden under clothing. This bulletproof shirt is the best body armor option.


“Keep your traditional soft armor vest ready and on standby for SHTF situations, but for daily use consider the Everyday Armor T-Shirt 2.0.” said Alex Stewart, President of Premier Body Armor. “This revolutionary product, now in its second generation, is the cutting edge of daily wear body armor. With the Everyday Armor T-Shirt 2.0 you can wear real, Made in the USA, Level IIIA body armor all day without the awkwardness, discomfort, or lifestyle change that comes with a traditional bulletproof vest. This is the next evolution of EDC body armor.”              

Constructed of a proprietary moisture-wicking, antimicrobial compression fabric, the two armor pockets (front and rear) are specifically designed to accept Premier Body Armor's Level IIIA,  7.75"x 12.75" vital protection ballistic insert to protect the cardiac box, the home of your most vital organs.The new Everyday Armor T-Shirt has an MSRP of only $279

At just .22” thick and 0.8 pounds each, the compatible armor inserts meet the same NIJ ballistic standards and hold to the mission of PBA to create armor solutions that can be integrated into anyone’s lifestyle without disruption. TSA approval means this everyday t-shirt can truly be worn everyday, everywhere, providing you peace of mind in any situation.

What's the Difference Between the First Gen and 2.0 Version of this Armor Shirt?

The new Everyday Armor T-Shirt 2.0 keeps all the breathability and convenience of the 1st generation model but increases in concealability and comfort.

Like its predecessor, the 2.0 is designed around custom, USA sourced and made level IIIA ballistic inserts. The 7.75" x 12.75" size of the ballistics was determined to be the optimal size to cover the Cardiac Box while maximizing concealability. This is the vital area of coverage as it is not only a common target area, but is also likely lethal if there is penetrating trauma here. Injuries outside this region are more easily treated with bleed control technologies

Bulletproof tshirt is the best lightweight body armor solution. These bulletproof shirt vests are moisture wicking and concealable

You get two of these ballistic inserts in the bundle and they carry a 5-year warranty. Ballistics from the Gen 1 Everyday Armor T-Shirt are also compatible with this new shirt.

The 2.0 shirt carries over the moisture-wicking, antimicrobial polyester which helps remove heat and moisture from the surface of the skin. Both body armor shirt carriers also have an integrated weight-bearing support system that is strong, yet soft and flexible.


About Premier Body Armor

Premier Body Armor was founded in 2013 with the goal of protecting and empowering Law Enforcement and law-abiding citizens with innovative armor solutions, Made in the USA. Built on the backbone of over 20 years of armoring experience for customers such as the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), the United States Marine Corps (USMC), PBA is innovating and changing the way body armor is both perceived and utilized. Bulletproof backpack inserts, ultra-discreet vests, and more have made body armor more practical for daily use than ever before. With partnerships across industries, powerful community engagement, and top-notch customer service, Premier Body Armor is one of the top body armor manufacturers in the USA.

3 Responses

Stephen Elam
Stephen Elam

October 31, 2022

The body armor shirt is a great idea. I like the idea of being able to appear casual and unprepared but actually being prepared and ready for whatever comes my way.


October 31, 2022

May have to check this out

Jerry Farris
Jerry Farris

October 27, 2022

Nice and interesting. Lite and protective.

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