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Everyday Armor T-Shirt 2.0 Bundle


Level IIIA
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Premier Body Armor Ballistic Inserts Proudly Made in the USA

all materials & products sourced & manufactured in the usa


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Its called the everyday armor tshirt for a reason.  The only bulletproof vest that can be worn like a tshirt.  100% concealed.


The protection of a vest is now available in a lightweight, concealable t-shirt! The Everyday Armor T-Shirt is designed to fit close to the body. When choosing a size, we recommend sizing down. The EAT is designed to be worn as a compressed undershirt, which helps to conceal the armor. 

Bundle Includes:

  • One (1) Gen 2 Everyday Armor T-Shirt (size down)
  • Two (2) PBA Level IIIA Armor Inserts (Coming in at only .8 lb per panel the whole package only weighs about 2lbs)

The new Everyday Armor T-Shirt 2.0 keeps all the breathability and convenience of the 1st generation model but increases in concealability and comfort.

Like its predecessor, the 2.0 is designed around custom, USA sourced and made level IIIA ballistic inserts. The 7.75" x 12.75" size of the ballistics was determined to be the optimal size to cover the Cardiac Box while maximizing concealability. This is the vital area of coverage as it is not only a common target area, but is also likely lethal if there is penetrating trauma here. Injuries outside this region are more easily treated with bleed control technologies

You get two of these ballistic inserts in the bundle and they carry a 5-year warranty. Ballistics from the Gen 1 Everyday Armor T-Shirt are also compatible with this new shirt.

The 2.0 shirt carries over the moisture-wicking, antimicrobial polyester which helps remove heat and moisture from the surface of the skin. They both also have an integrated weight-bearing support system that is strong, yet soft and flexible.

Now what’s new?

The armor pocket has been moved from top-opening to the bottom-opening. This simple change now allows the shirt to be more easily put on with the ballistics inserted.  The second and most important improvement is the addition of our new Concealment Channels. This addition to the support system pulls the armor closer to the body, and increases concealability up to 50% more! 


  • Tested to meet the NIJ ballistic standards for Level IIIA
  • Just .22″ thick
  • Constructed of only the finest USA-made para-aramid ballistic core 
  • Wrapped in Ripstop for moisture protection and sweat resistance
  • Stab and slash-resistant
  • 5-year warranty
  • PANEL SIZE: 7.75" x 12.75"
  • 2.0 Shirt and Armor Bundle Weighs approximately 2lbs (.8lbs per panel)
  • TSA Approved!


  • moisture-wicking, antimicrobial fabric
  • polyester & elastane compression fabric
  • Concealment Channels support the armor inserts to prevent sagging and minimize printing 
This image shows how the bulletproof t-shirt protects the cardiac box.

The Everyday Armor T-Shirt was intentionally designed to protect the Cardiac Box, which is considered one of the most lethal trauma areas on the human body.  Blunt trauma or penetrating injuries to this area are often lethal, with research showing that over 90% of individuals with these injuries expire before arriving at the hospital.


See what NYT #1 Best Selling Author and former Navy Seal Jack Carr has to say about the Everyday Armor T-Shirt.


To learn more about the NIJ body armor standards, visit our Understanding Body Armor Ratings blog.


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The Everyday Armor T-shirt is designed to be worn as a compressed undershirt, necessary to best conceal the armor. When choosing a size, we recommend sizing down from your normal T-shirt size for the best concealability. If you typically wear a size Large T-shirt, please order a Medium Everyday Armor T-shirt.

everyday armor tshirt sizing chart for concealable body armor shirt


Is body armor legal?

Body armor is legal to own in all 50 states (but we can not ship it to the state of Connecticut or New York).

I'm in between sizes, which size should I choose?

We recommend sizing down. While the shirt does fit true to size, sizing down allows for more of a compression fit which helps conceal the armor.

Can I wash the shirt carrier?

The outer t-shirt is machine washable. Simply remove the ballistic panels, then we recommend washing the t-shirt on gentle. Hang the t-shirt to dry.

I have the original Gen 1 Everyday Armor T-shift. Can I use those ballistic panels?

Yes. Ballistics from the Gen 1 T-shirt are also compatible with this new shirt.


Law Enforcement / First Responder / Military discount available

Please see TERMS & CONDITIONS for additional details regarding lead time, shipping, warranty & return policy. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 334 reviews
The BEST body armor

Premier body armor products are the best on the market !!
I have been searching soft body armor for use in the summer specially under extremely hot humid weather condition due to my job .. ordered everyday armor T-shirt with level 3 A armor panel … I decide to wear for a while before provide my review .. this is BEST body armor , very comfortable even under heat temp 100 plus degrees and concealed very well … very easy to install both front and back body armor panels within minutes.. excellent customer service and FAST SHIPPING !!!
Highly recommend to everyone!!

Rory Mulligan
Only missing extra shirts

I use this every day at work. It fits well, it's comfortable, and is incredibly discreet. The only down side is the basic sweating you get from carrying the plates. As such, it frequently needs washed. This would easily be handled simply by having a few extra shirts.

Robert DeLeon
Got Mine Today and WoW!

Just arrived today, tried it on, and initial impression is I really like it. Conceals perfectly with the long sleeves I typically wear to work. Don't mind the belly as I am 36 pounds down and on track for the remaining 64 lbs.

Overall, will do exactly what I need it to do without the need of wearing a vest to make myself approachable in my job's role, but ready in case something happens. Unlikely anything will happen but better to have it and never use it, then needing it but not wearing one.

kolby woodruff

I absolutely love this body armor. It’s perfect for the summer time. I’ve found it’s best to pair with multi colored flannels like white and blue or red and black. It makes the armor way less visible.

Shan Romanek
The least terrible armor I’ve ever worn!

As someone who has worn heavy cumberbund armor for the last couple of decades, this “Everyday” set is AMAZING. Yes, I’m giving up some protection area, but with the right pattern on the cover garment it’s invisible even to the customers who stand in my personal space all day. It’s lighter, cooler, far easier to move around in, and assuming the shirts holds up (I have some concerns about edge-snags putting the plates in and out, but so far so good) this will continue to be my daily armor for anything short of an outer carrier.