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The Perfect Premier Gift Guide

December 07, 2021

The Perfect Premier Body Armor Gift Guide

Every year the same questions come up:

  • “What should I get my brother or dad for Christmas?” 
  • “What should I tell my wife to get me for Christmas?” 
  • “What do I get for the friend who has everything?” 

Premier has your back when shopping for that perfect gift. We have gifts that go beyond Christmas time. Whether it's for Christmas, birthdays, or an awesome groomsmen gift, why not get them the gift that no one else has or would have even thought of, but is completely necessary?

Our novelty items, not only show off our mastery level of craftsmanship, and help destigmatize body armor ownership, but they also make the best stocking stuffers. Imagine how cool your friend will feel going to pay the bill and whips out his bulletproof wallet. Not to mention the ONLY one created in the world, name a more unique gift!

Or how cool you’ll feel sliding your drink into a bulletproof can cooler. Ahhh yes, the feeling of  cracking open a cold one knowing it’s protected and safe in your hands. All of these sleek moments are sponsored to you by your Premier Body Armor Family. 

Image of the perfect gifts for him from Premier Body Armor.

Here’s the Top 8 Best Stocking Stuffers: 

  1. Bulletproof Can Coolers
  2. Medical Care Kits
  3. Bulletproof Wallets
  4. Premier Body Armor T-Shirts
  5. S.T.A.T Bleed Control Kit
  6. Tactigami Accessories
  7. Bags for Organizing
  8. Premier Body Armor Trucker Hat
Image of Premier Body Armor Trucker Hat

These are the best gifts all under $100! They’re great gift ideas for military or law enforcement officers. Maybe you have a loved one who serves active duty and you’re looking for the perfect gift for him. Any of these stocking stuffers could even be a cool gift to get for a teenage boy. 

Image of stocking stuffers for him from Premier Body Armor. Bulletproof koozies, bulletproof wallets, and clothing.

The Perfect Gift for the Tactical Dad, Brother, or Friend

These aren’t just great gifts for military men. Here’s our top great gifts for the loved one that likes to spend his free time at the range:

Our Core Plate Carrier

This plate carrier is a great investment that is durable and adaptable enough to be enjoyed for years to come! It is lightweight armor and compatible with nearly all tactical gear. This plate carrier is a gift that makes a heavy kit feel light and natural. It also comes with Level IIIA soft armor protection in the cummerbund. 

If your dad, brother, or friend has a range of styles, you’re in luck! Our Core Plate Carrier comes in 5 different styles:

  • Multicam Arid
  • Multicam Tropic
  • Multicam Black
  • Black
  • Ranger Green
Image of bulletproof vests, tactical plate carriers, and rifle rated body armor plates.

Our Hybrid Tactical Vest 

The Hybrid Tactical Vest is an awesome gift that can continue to evolve over time. This is a great gift for that loved one that is particular and wants the freedom to set up his plate carrier system in his own way.

Our Hybrid Tactical Vest already comes with Level IIIA ballistic panels in the front and back. This bulletproof vest is equipped with front and rear pocket plates for our rifle rated plates, and includes four strips of MOLLE in the front and six strips on the back for accessories/adaptations. It’s the perfect vest for optimal performance and functionality. 

This ballistic vest comes in the colors Black or FDE. 

Image of Hybrid Tactical vest in black. The best bulletproof vest and plate carrier. Image of Hybrid Tactical vest in FDE. The best bulletproof vest and plate carrier.


For either plate carrier system, check out ourrifle rated plates to upgrade their body armor system! We offer bulletproof plates that fit seamlessly into either plate carrier. OurLevel III platesare NIJ Certified, while ourLevel IV plates meet National Institute of Justice standards. 

GIF of rifle rated bulletproof vests going in our Hybrid Tactical Vest

An Eclectic Gift for the Man Who Has Everything

Are you looking for a gift for the guy who is hard to shop for? The man of the hour at high profile events? Or the guy who wants secure protection while remaining discreet? For a personalized gift for him, look no further than our concealable armor collection. 

Our Discreet Executive Vest

TheDiscreet Executive Vest has bulletproof vest plates in the front and back to provide Level IIIA threat level of protection. This is premium armor that disappears under a button up shirt or business suit. 

Designed with insight from leading executive professionals, this lightweight armor is lowkey, but created for protection in high profile outings. No one would have thought of such a sleek, eccentric gift for him. Not to mention, it’ll make him feel empowered. 

Image of our low profile bullet proof vest.

Our Concealable Armor Vest

Much like the Discreet Executive Vest, ourConcealable Armor Vestis sleek enough to be worn under a button down shirt. However this soft armor vest is stylish enough to be worn as your outermost layer. 

Not sure what size to get your friend or loved one? No problem at all. Our concealable armor vest offers 6 points of adjustability. 

A body armor vest that contains adjustable cummerbund and shoulder straps that stay hidden. One of the most versatile ballistic vests to hit the market, this custom gift is guaranteed to fit every occasion. 

Our Everyday Armor T-Shirt

Finally for our concealable armor options, we have the Everyday Armor T-Shirt. This option comes with level 3a soft armor panels to fit easily into the front and back sleeve of our Everyday Armor T-Shirt. A great option for a holiday budget, but also giving a gift personalized for his protection. 

Armored Protection for the Kids

Is there a kid in your life that you’re hoping to teach the importance of firearm safety? Do you want to give a gift that gives you peace of mind and provides them with protection? We have many options to bring reassurance and teach children to protect themselves in any scenario. 

Our Falcon Carrier

Built for small torso individuals, our 8x10 falcon carrier is a low profile and ultra lightweight plate carrier system. In a trendy multicam black, this plate carrier has fully adjustable shoulder and side straps that will last through many ages. 

Image of our minimalistic plate carrier in multicam black. Image of our Level 4 body armor plate.

Combine ourAGILE 8x10 Level IIIA Soft Armor Insertwith our falcon carrier for the ultimate package! 

Our Backpack Armor Selection

Premier offers tons ofbackpack and armor bundles! These are awesome gifts for the guy who is looking to upgrade his EDC armor system or for your kid to have ballistic protection with them all day long in their backpack. 

Image of bulletproof backpack armor panel under the Christmas Tree.

Our bulletproof backpack systems are super discreet so that no one will even know you have ballistic protection with you at all times. Our backpack panels are also TSA approved so it is perfect for the one who is always on the go. 

Take your pick between any of ourVertx or Viktos bags for whatever best fits the needs of you or your friends & family! We offer bags for rucking, backpacking, EDC systems, school, or even hiking. No matter the adventure, we hope to travel with you. 

Struggling to Find Exactly What They're Looking For?

Another great option is to check out our gift cards! Give them the gift of choice with ourPremier Body Armor Gift Card.You can’t go wrong with this item, choose between $20 to $500 on your gift card purchase. 

Image of Premier Body Armor Gift Card.

Gifts that Keep On Giving

Find the gift for everyone on your list this year, no matter the budget. These gifts are great for the man that's impossible to shop for, for law enforcement officers or military men, or even to give protection to your loved ones. 

The best part is, while giving this gift to your loved ones, you’re also receiving the gift of a peace of mind. Any gift from Premier Body Armor is a unique gift idea that offers a mind of reassurance and confidence. 

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