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Top Choice for Executive Protection & Security Professionals

July 11, 2024

In the world of executive protection, staying ahead of threats is paramount. Karl de la Guerra, a seasoned expert with over 45 years in the protective services industry, shares why Premier Body Armor stands out as a leader in protection gear for security professionals. 

security guy in suit showing concealable body armor shirt

Trusted by Experts in Executive Protection Services

Karl de la Guerra, Chairman of the International Bodyguard and Security Services Association and founder of KDI Protective Services, emphasizes the unparalleled quality and innovation of Premier Body Armor. "We don't endorse a lot of products, but KDI Protective Services uses Premier Body Armor," Karl asserts. He notes that Premier's products are essential for ensuring the safety and effectiveness of personal protection officers and security professionals.

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Key Products for Discreet Protection Gear for Security

Karl highlights three standout products from Premier Body Armor that are essential for body armor for executive protection:

  1. Discreet Executive Vest: This vest provides full body coverage while maintaining a low profile. Karl explains how "it can be worn comfortably under a business suit, ensuring a professional appearance while providing maximum protection".
  2. Everyday Armor T-Shirt: Offering front and back protection, this t-shirt is perfect for low visibility situations. "Premier products don't protrude across the bottom, ensuring a seamless appearance," Karl adds.
  3. Backpack Panels: Lightweight and easy to insert into standard backpacks, these panels offer additional protection without compromising on practicality. “Everyone on our team is issued a backpack panel to go into their backpack,” Karl states.

Aligning Priorities: Low Visibility for Optimal Performance in Executive Protection Services

The partnership between KDI Protective Services and Premier Body Armor is built on a shared commitment to low visibility and optimal performance. In executive protection, unlike law enforcement, the ability to blend in while remaining prepared for any threat is paramount.

Premier Body Armor’s discreet products enable security professionals to perform their duties without compromising their low-profile stance. "Premier Body Armor products match that low visibility profile that we maintain," Karl explains.

This alignment of priorities ensures that both organizations are at the forefront of providing cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving demands of the security industry.


Premier Body Armor: Innovation and Quality in Protection Gear for Security

Reflecting on the advancements in body armor, Karl highlights Premier’s position at the forefront of innovation. "I've seen 45 years of transition in body armor, and Premier is definitely on the forefront," Karl notes. He recalls the transition from cumbersome Vietnam-era flak vests to today’s lightweight, high-protection gear, emphasizing the importance of continuous improvement in body armor technology for both safety and operational efficiency.

Karl also emphasizes the practical aspects of Premier’s products: "What impressed us very early on about Premier products is that they match the low visibility profile we need. Whether it's the discreet executive vest or the backpack panels, each product is designed with the end-user in mind, ensuring both safety and practicality."


The insights shared by Karl de la Guerra highlight Premier Body Armor’s essential role in enhancing executive protection and private security. Premier's commitment to innovation, quality, and low visibility ensures that professionals in executive protection services and personal protection officers are equipped with the best possible body armor to perform their duties effectively and discreetly. As the landscape of security evolves, Premier Body Armor remains at the forefront, providing cutting-edge solutions that meet the highest standards of safety and performance.

Explore Premier Body Armor’s range of products or learn about KDI Protective Services’ private security training programs.

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