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Armor Options Expand With a New Standard in Off-Body Carry

June 05, 2024

Premier Body Armor and Viktos are pleased to announce their latest innovation in personal security solutions for everyday carry. The new Armored Viktos Counteract Bundles combine meticulous craftsmanship with state-of-the-art ballistic protection, redefining safety standards for today’s security-conscious public.

counteract ccw sling back and ccw backpack

Revolutionizing Personal Security with Armored Viktos Counteract Bundles

The new Viktos Counteract bag series is made to keep you safe in a dangerous world. They have been designed around body armor inserts and medical gear. This integration ensures that users are always prepared, blending preparedness with the discretion needed in personal defense gear.

Enhanced Features of Viktos Counteract Bags

The lineup includes the Counteract CCW Slingbag and the Counteract 15 CCW bag, both featuring everyday carry security with:

  • Durable coated-ripstop material
  • Magnetic break-away flaps for secure yet quick access to contents
  • A revolutionary slide-out hook and loop tray for customized loadouts and effortless firearm access
  • Dedicated pockets for Premier Body Armor's custom-fit armor panel and bleed control kit
edc bag features and med gear storage

Advanced Ballistic Protection

Central to the Counteract series is a dedicated armor pocket specifically designed for Premier Body Armor’s ballistic insert, designed to protect against level IIIA/HG2 threats. This lightweight, flexible ballistic panel offers protection against various threats, including handgun and shotgun rounds, ensuring covert protection and enhanced mobility. 

level 3a hg2 backpack armor for viktos counteract backpack and slingbag

The Partnership Between Premier Body Armor and Viktos

Jason Mammano, Vice President of Marketing at Premier Body Armor, expressed enthusiasm about the ongoing partnership: "We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Viktos, enhancing our off-body carry solutions where form and functionality converge seamlessly. This collaboration not only aligns with our mission of empowering individuals through advanced preparedness but also elevates the personal defense gear market to new heights."

viktos slingbag quick release in action

The collaboration between Premier Body Armor and Viktos marks a significant milestone in the personal security industry. By combining Viktos’ expertise in tactical bag design with Premier Body Armor’s soft body armor, the partnership aims to provide top-tier safety solutions that cater to the demands of modern life.

A New Standard in Off-Body Protection

The synergy between Viktos' bags and Premier Body Armor's innovative protective solutions equips both men and women with unparalleled security. This successful partnership assures a new level of confidence for those prioritizing robust, practical, and discreet protective gear.

viktos counteract ccw bag and armor collection

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