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Universal Fit Level III+ Rifle-Rated Backpack Insert


8-year warranty
Made in the USA
Multi hit Capable
Practical for EDC
Ballistic Chart


all materials & products sourced & manufactured in the usa

Designed with safety and versatility in mind, this insert offers robust protection against common rifle threats, ensuring you're well-prepared for any unexpected situation.

Crafted from the highest quality materials, our Level III Backpack Insert meets stringent NIJ ballistic standards to provide reliable defense for your vital organs. This 10"x15" armor panel fits seamlessly into most standard-sized backpacks, offering discreet protection without compromising on style or comfort.

Whether you're commuting to work, traveling, or simply going about your day, the Level III Backpack Insert is a lightweight and low-profile solution that grants you peace of mind in an unpredictable world. Stay protected and prepared with Premier Body Armor – your trusted source for reliable, Made-in-the-USA ballistic solutions.


Special Threat Tested against the following calibers at a distance of 15 meters:

    • 5.56×45 up to 3100 ft/s (with the exception of M855.  UHMWPE plates can be vulnerable to this particular round)
    • 7.62×39 123gr PS Ball (MSC)
    • 7.62×51 147gr FMJ (M80) – up to 2850 ft/s


  • Tested to meet the NIJ 0101.06 ballistic standard
  • 8-year warranty
  • Lightweight body armor
  • Waterproof, Polyurea liner
  • TSA approved
  • Industry-leading design

Tech Specs:

    • Size: 10"x15"
    • Weight: 3.6 lbs
    • Thickness: 0.75"
    • Construction: Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE)
    • Shape: Tapered Top



This rifle-rated backpack insert has been tested to meet NIJ Level 3 protection. To learn more about the NIJ body armor standards, visit our Understanding Body Armor Ratings blog.

body armor stopping power for level 3 and higher protection



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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
John V
Nice High Quality Plate!

The Stratis Level III+ plate is a high quality, lightweight plate for the threat level protection that it affords. It fits into my backpack very nicely! It gives me the additional piece of mind over a level IIIA panel, when necessary. But, actually, I have a nice IIIA panel from PBA, as well. Sometimes, I exchange the plate for the panel, or vice versa. Sometimes, I have both in my pack. It depends on where I’m going, of course, and what kind of environment, I’ll be in. I’m in a large urban area most of the time. Of course, I don’t expect a level III+ and IIIA, together, to be a substitute for a level IV plate, but, I have the plate and panel, anyway, so often just carry them both.

Piece of Mind in knowing it's there

I couldn't be happier with this plate. I spent a lot of time looking for something that was level III+ and lightweight enough to carry, when loaded down with everything else and this plate did the job.
Excellent Quality and I honestly hope I never have to use it, but glad that I have it.

No option

Sorry. Didnt catch a bullet yet. Can not review product.

r c
Fits my backpack

It fits. Hope I it never gets used but happy to have it.

Jason J
Excellent customer service.

The product is well made as expected from Premier and their customer service was excellent!