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Adaptable Response Loadout

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Embrace unparalleled versatility and protection with the Adaptable Response Loadout, combining our Hybrid Tactical Vest and Fortis III+ ICW Plates. This bundle is crafted for those who require robust defense and tactical flexibility in high-stakes environments. Customize your setup by choosing either one or two ICW plates, ensuring your gear meets the demands of any mission.

tactical level 3a body armor vest with rifle plate on front

Hybrid Tactical Vest:

The Hybrid Tactical Vest is the epitome of tactical innovation, designed for comprehensive protection and adaptability. Featuring Level IIIA ballistic panels in the front and back, as well as ample space for additional armor plates. This vest offers 360-degree protection ideal for both law enforcement and military use. Its modular design allows for the integration of standard 10x12 plates, enhancing your defense capabilities without compromising mobility.

Fortis III+ ICW Plates:

Elevate your tactical defense with the Fortis III+ ICW Plates, expertly designed to work in conjunction with our Level IIIA ballistic vests. These plates offer enhanced Level III+ protection, blending superior ballistic resistance with a lightweight, single-curve design that maintains operational mobility and comfort.


Hybrid Tactical Vest:

  • Includes NIJ Certified Level IIIA ballistic panels

  • A full field of PALS webbing on the front and rear of the carrier facilitates capability with a wide range of MOLLE-compatible accessories

  • The armor core is constructed with Made in the USA Kevlar®

  • Flexible armor design optimizes mobility without sacrificing protection or coverage

  • 100% Made in the USA (Berry Amendment Compliant)

  • Thickness: 0.22"

  • Weight: Small 4 LBS, Medium 4.6 LBS, Large 5.6 LBS, XLarge 6.4 LBS, 2XLarge 7 LBS

  • Wicking aerospace mesh outer cover with an antimicrobial finish and flexible spandex side panels

  • Durable hook and loop on both sides

  • Machine washable outer carrier

  • Warranty: 5-year warranty on level 3a soft armor. 2-year warranty on the carrier

Fortis Level III+ / RF1 ICW Plates:

  • Designed to be worn in conjunction with a Premier Body Armor Level IIIA ballistic vest for Level III protection.
  • Weight: 2.5lbs
  • Size: 10” x 12” x 0.8"
  • 7-year warranty
  • Special threat tested against M193 at 3250fps and 7.62x39 MSC
  • Multi-hit
  • Edge-to-Edge
  • UHMWPE construction
  • Mil-spec water repellant CORDURA cover

Rating & Testing

The Hybrid Tactical Vest comes with Level IIIA soft armor panels in the front and back. The Fortis III+ ICW plate is rated Level 3 / Level III only when worn in conjunction with a Level IIIA ballistic vest. To learn more about the NIJ body armor standards, visit our Understanding Body Armor Ratings blog.

A comparison chart from Premier Body Armor for their Fortis III+/RF1 Single-Curve product displays different ammunition types (9mm, .357 Mag, .44 Mag, 12 Gauge, 7.62x39, 5.56 M193, 5.56 M855, 7.62x51 M80, 7.62x54R, .30-06 M2 AP) with checkmarks indicating the levels that it can withstand.
A ballistic resistance test report from SMS Testing for Premier Body Armor's Adaptable Response Loadout (old), dated 3/4/2024. The report includes specifications, ammunition details, shots table, and remarks. Tests were conducted with Level IIIA ballistic panels on a 10mm MIL-STD 662 clay setup and featured 30 shots using a mix of military ammunition.


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hybrid tactical vest sizing chart


Is body armor legal?

Body armor is legal to own in all 50 states (but we can not ship it to the state of Connecticut or New York).

I'm in between sizes, which size should I choose?

If you're in between sizes, we recommend sizing up as the elastic cummerbund provides adjustments, and sizing up will leave room for installing rifle rated armor plates.

Does the Hybrid Tactical Vest have side protection?

Yes, the Hybrid Tactical Vest offers 360 degree protection with the side overlap.

Does the vest come with armor?

Yes, the Hybrid Tactical Vest includes full-size, NIJ Certified Level IIIA ballistics in both the front and back.

Can I wash my vest?

The outer carrier is machine washable. Simply remove any ballistic panels, plates and trauma pad, then we recommend washing the carrier on gentle. Lay the carrier flat to dry.

Law Enforcement / First Responder / Military discount available

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