Bulletproof Backpacks for School: What You Need To Know

October 19, 2023

In today's rapidly changing world, the emphasis on safety and protection has never been more prominent. The innovative solution of bulletproof backpacks aims to offer an added layer of security for students and professionals alike. Read on to explore the intricacies of these products, from their creation process to the diverse range they cover.

bulletproof backpack panel inside adidas bookbag in a classroom

What are Bulletproof Backpacks for School?

Bulletproof backpacks for school are backpacks designed with special materials that can stop bullets from penetrating them. These backpacks provide an extra layer of protection for students in case of a dangerous situation.


Bulletproof Backpack Insert For Kids?

Premier Body Armor developed bulletproof backpack panels for kids in response to requests from police officers who were using our vests and wanted something similar for their kids. 

kids walking across the street to school wearing backpacks

After collaborating with these officers, we introduced a bulletproof backpack shield, addressing a sensitive topic with a practical solution. This idea ultimately led to the availability of backpack armor for kids on our civilian-facing website.

A bulletproof shield for your backpack

We offer the largest selection of backpack body armor in the world. We also partner with leading bag designers to guarantee a seamless fit for our panels. This makes it painless for you to find the best bulletproof backpack insert on the market.

 mom putting a level 3a backpack panel into son's school bookbag

We also understand that the concept of a bulletproof backpack is a new one for a lot of people. And for that, we have a post “Do Bulletproof Backpacks Really Work,” which should answer any questions you have about this product.

How to use a bulletproof backpack for school

There are a few different options for how to use backpack armor in different situations. By wearing the bag normally, crouching behind it to use it as a shield, or wearing the backpack backward, you can protect yourself in a variety of circumstances.

how to use backpack body armor when running, crouching, or standing


How Do You Make A Bulletproof Backpack?

Creating a bulletproof backpack involves a specialized manufacturing process that uses advanced materials designed to provide ballistic protection.

sewing soft body armor for backpacks

With our bulletproof backpack pads, we easily integrate a soft body armor design. For more information on soft armor, visit our “Soft Body Armor: Pros and Cons” post. That said, let’s take a look at how these bulletproof inserts are made:

Material Selection: The manufacturing process begins with selecting high-performance materials, primarily ballistic-resistant fibers like Kevlar to form a Kevlar® backpack insert or Dyneema®. These materials are chosen for their ability to absorb the energy from ballistic threats.

Layering: Multiple layers of ballistic material are stacked and bonded together to form a composite panel. These layers are arranged to maximize the backpack's ability to stop projectiles.

kevlar layers for bulletproof backpack panels

Seamless Integration: The bulletproof backpack panel is then carefully measured and cut to fit the desired backpack. This can involve custom-fitting the panel to specific compartments within a specific backpack brand or model or creating a more generic size for universal fit in a variety of bags. It’s important with either option to ensure a seamless and discreet appearance.

Stitching and Reinforcement: Reinforced stitching is used to secure the ballistic panel. Manufacturers pay close attention to stitching techniques to maintain the panel's integrity.

    sewing kevlar body armor

    Quality Control: Each bulletproof backpack undergoes quality control checks to ensure that the ballistic panel meets the specified ballistic standards. This may involve ballistic testing to verify its protective power. Keep in mind the NIJ does not certify backpack panels, only bulletproof vests. However, at Premier Body Armor, we use the same ballistic material in our backpack inserts as we do in our NIJ-certified body armor vests.


      Do I need a level 3 bulletproof backpack?

      In a world where safety concerns are paramount, the question of whether you need a level 3 backpack insert might cross your mind. The straightforward answer for most individuals is no. Here's why:

      Most shootings are done with a handgun, which is stopped by level IIIA protection. This means that the vast majority of threats can be effectively stopped with a level IIIA bulletproof backpack. Level IIIA armor can safeguard against a wide range of handgun calibers, offering substantial personal protection.

      If you want more information on this topic, check our blog post, “Understanding Body Armor Ratings.

      What about a rifle bulletproof backpack?

      Designed with safety and versatility in mind, our rifle plate insert for backpacks offers robust protection against rifle threats, giving you confidence in unexpected situations. It is also special-threat tested to stop PS Ball and FMJ (M80) rounds.

      level 3 rifle rated backpack insert. universal fit for any bookbag

      Crafted with top-tier materials and meeting rigorous NIJ ballistic standards, it ensures dependable protection for your vital organs. This 10"x15" armor panel seamlessly fits into most standard backpacks, providing discreet defense without compromising style or comfort. 

      Whether you're commuting, traveling, or simply going about your day, our lightweight, low-profile insert promises security.


      Other Bulletproof School Supplies

      While the concept of bullet proof school suppliesmay seem like something out of a science fiction novel, the unfortunate reality is that safety concerns have made these products increasingly relevant. But bulletproof school supplies aren't just about backpacks. Exploring a range of protective options is essential in a world where threats can arise unexpectedly.

      bulletproof school supply collection banner

      For starters, not all students have the luxury of carrying a backpack in the classroom. College students, in particular, often prefer a more streamlined approach. That's where our innovative line of bulletproof school supplies comes in:

      Bulletproof Pencil Pouch

      A discreet and practical solution for students of all ages. Designed to fit seamlessly into your daily routine, this pencil pouch offers level IIIA protection, providing peace of mind without sacrificing style or functionality.

      bulletproof pencil pouch that fits in a binder. fully functional

      This particular item was designed when our own VP of Marketing had a son in middle school, who had to leave his bookbag in his locker all day. Using the same material as our backpack panels, we developed a functional and protective pencil pouch that he could have with him throughout the day.

      Bulletproof Laptop Case

      In an age of digital learning, safeguarding your laptop is crucial. Our laptop case is not only designed to protect your device from everyday wear and tear but also provides advanced ballistic protection. Ideal for college students and professionals alike who prefer to travel light.

      Bulletproof Binder Covers

      Our level IIIA bulletproof binder covers introduce a hidden but reliable form of protection for students and professionals by blending seamlessly into everyday life. This was, again, developed out of a demand for a non-backpack solution that provided a greater area of coverage than the pencil pouch.

      These bulletproof school supplies are designed to integrate into your daily life whether you're a student, teacher, or working professional. We understand that safety shouldn't compromise your style or convenience, so our products offer the highest level of protection while maintaining a sleek and discreet design.

      In an unpredictable world, being prepared is key. Explore our range of bulletproof school supplies and ensure you're equipped to face whatever challenges come your way.


      FAQS for Bulletproof Backpacks for School

      What is the best bulletproof backpack for kids?

      We believe personal safety should be accessible to everyone, including children and young adults. While some companies have marketed bulletproof backpacks with built-in armor, we've taken a different approach. We understand kids want to carry the backpacks they love from their favorite, more popular brands. That's one reason we don't make bulletproof backpacks; instead, we offer discreet armor inserts designed to fit seamlessly into the backpack of your choice.

      How do I talk to my kid about putting a bulletproof backpack panel in their bookbag?

      When discussing the importance of placing a bulletproof backpack panel in your child's bookbag, it's crucial to approach the conversation with sensitivity and reassurance. Start by explaining the panel's purpose: to provide extra protection in emergencies. Emphasize that it's a safety measure, just like wearing a seatbelt in a car. 

      Here at Premier Body Armor, we have a whole section dedicated to school safety.

      How do I talk to my child’s teacher about the bulletproof backpack for school?

      When talking to your child's teacher about the bulletproof backpack, start by expressing your safety concerns. Explain your decision to use a discreet protective insert, assuring them it won't disrupt the classroom.

      Check out our blog, "Talking to Your Child's Teacher About Bulletproof Backpacks", for more info on this topic.


      Written by Andrew Schuler

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