How Can a Sling Bag Enhance Your Concealed Carry Strategy?

When concealing a firearm, the placement of your weapon is essential to its functionality. Traditionally, many choose to conceal their firearm in a side holster in their waistband. Others opt for an appendix carry, open side carry, or a cross body holster that fits under the armpit. Today, it is becoming increasingly popular to conceal a firearm in a cross body sling bag, fanny pack, or tactical chest bag.

men's concealed carry sling backpack


The Role of Sling Bags in Concealed Carry

For a number of reasons, these tactical bags are becoming the go to for many interested in everyday carry. Many love them because they can store more than just the firearm, whether it be extra ammunition or everyday items like a phone or wallet. Others enjoy the discrete nature and aesthetic they offer.

Whether you are taking the kids to the park or are out running errands alone, a concealed carry sling bag is a great choice for someone in search of an accessible, yet unassuming way to conceal a firearm. 

walking through greenway with ccw slingbag for safety

Understanding Sling Bags: Design and Functionality

Design for Concealment

The biggest appeal of a sling bag for EDC is that they are designed for concealment first, so when choosing the right bag for you, ensure that the bag does not reveal the presence of a weapon. The easily concealable design shouldn’t interfere with the functionality of the bag, instead, it should improve it. Features like hook and loop in the CCW compartment can enhance the functionality and versatility of an off-body carry sling bag. 

velcro in small ccw bag

Ease of Access

A firearm in a sling bag for off-body carry or tactical shoulder bag should be as easy to access as a firearm in a holster at your side. Before committing to a tactical bag, familiarize yourself with the layout and practice the steps necessary to retrieve your firearm.

Practice makes perfect with a small edc bag, and being prepared is worth the extra time it may take to get completely comfortable with an off-body carry system. Look for features like a versatile shoulder strap or ambidextrous zipper access to ensure the bag performs the way you need it to.

vertx lena fanny pack for off-body carry for women

Safety Features

Many concealed carry crossbody bags or slings feature specific compartments for your firearm and magazines. These compartments often have locking zippers and built in holsters to ensure the safety and security of your weapon at all times. 


Choosing the Right Sling Bag: A Buyer’s Guide

Material and Durability

When choosing the best bag for everyday carry, consider a strong, durable material that can withstand the wear and tear of daily life. Materials like Kodra or Cordura are great for longevity, and many bags for concealed carry have Kevlar components that can provide some ballistic protection.  Finding a bag with water resistance or specifically designed for edc items can further extend the life of the bag.

viktos sling bag for off-body carry

Comfort and Adjustability

If you are going to carry a tactical bag or shoulder bag for concealed carry, you’ll want to make sure it is comfortable. Consider a bag with adjustable straps so you can get the best fit possible, and padding on the strap goes a long way for ensuring it is a comfortable carry, all day long. Practice using the bag as intended with different strap setups to find the balance you need between security and quick access.

Additional Features for Everyday Use

Some additional quality of life features to keep in mind when choosing a small EDC are a laptop or device sleeve, water bottle container, and a pocket for your wallet or keys. Remember, this bag should do more than just shelter your firearm. If your tactical chest bag doubles as an everyday pack, you’ll never be without the essentials you need. 

vertx sling bag for edc with laptop compartment


Comparing Sling Bags with Other Concealed Carry Options

When considering the best ccw backpack for you, be sure to think about all the options available. Many packs come in the form of a belt bag, sling bag, or waist pack. There are advantages to each type, so understanding the differences is important when choosing the right concealed carry option.

Sling bags offer quick access to your firearm while keeping it close to your body, but may lack the storage space of a small tactical backpack. A waist pack provides quick access and ample storage, but can be less discreet or concealable. Backpacks offer the most storage, but the slowest access.

vertx fanny pack for women concealed carry

If concealability is your biggest concern, a concealed carry belt bag offers the best combination of compactness and accessibility. At the end of the day, the best concealed carry bag for you is the one that offers the best blend of your needs. Be sure to do thorough research so you get yourself the best product. 

Maximizing the Benefits of Sling Bags for Concealed Carry

To maximize the benefits of a sling bag for concealed carry requires careful consideration. As will all personal preparedness practices, being thorough is the best way to go. When you get your concealed carry pack of choice, make sure you take inventory so you are familiar with the layout and compartments of your bag.

vertx navigator sling ccw backpack

Choose a pack with adjustable straps and lightweight materials so it is optimal for everyday use. Routinely check, organize, and replenish the items you carry with you, whether it is ammunition, gun oil or less important items like chapstick. Ensure that the design of the bag is unassuming so it doesn’t draw any attention to itself.

Lastly, stay mindful of weight distribution so the pack does not sit unevenly on your person. By keeping these things in mind, you will be sure to get the most out of your sling bag for EDC.


Don't forget to armor your concealed carry sling bag!

Check out our custom-fit bulletproof inserts for brands like Vertx and Viktos, as well as our universal fit inserts for bags of all sizes.

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