VLOG: Trip to Haley Strategic Partners

Phoenix , AZ 

We took a trip out to the southwest to visit two very important partners and just so happened to run into a legendary AK builder along the way...



Premier and Haley Strategic have been eyeing a partnership since SHOT Show 2019 and we’re excited that the ball is rolling! You can now get a custom-fitted level IIIA insert, with Haley Strategic’s famous dragonfly logo on the front for your Flatpack 2.0 or Flatpack+ at https://haleystrategic.com.

As a leader in the development of modern soft goods, HSP’s facility in Scottsdale doesn’t disappoint. The main lobby functions as a showroom with all the core products featured, as well as the occasional prototype straight from the R&D lab. Just beyond the floor-to-ceiling glass logo pane inside the front doors, is a gunsmithing area that I’m told employees frequent to tune up rifles, etc.

There’s a friendly and knowledgeable customer service presence at the front desk and a small museum of Travis Haley artifacts just behind the counter… an impressive beginning for sure. But, then comes the fun part.

Head up the lobby staircase, through the unassuming door at the top, and you’ll find yourself within arm’s reach of an immersive 300 degree shooting simulator. Built on leading simulation technology from VirTra, this simulator is unlike any other.

I was offered the opportunity to work through the simulation of an infamous shooting and walked away with an enlightened perspective on the use of force and the necessity for quick decision making. (See the simulator in action in the vlog.)

This experience was first class and I was only for about 10 minutes! The formal courses offered by HSP are taught by instructors with real-life experience and guaranteed to help you “think before you shoot.”

Remember that R&D lab I mentioned earlier? Well, it’s an impressive, streamlined think tank and the baby of Travis Haley. This is where the Haley Strategic Partners magic happens. The team was constantly on the move. Cutting, sewing, testing, Travis lying prone on the floor with a rifle trying to find every flaw that could be refined on the new product… It seemed from the outside looking in that every idea was quickly considered and either adopted or thrown out in an effort to reach optimal performance through simple design solutions. It’s a well-oiled machine. 

Just beyond the R&D lab is where we met the legendary Jim Fuller of Fuller Phoenix. Jim quite possibly builds the best AK platform rifles in the world. His unassuming workshop produces rifles that are said to practically never fail.

He’s one of the most genuine guys we’ve met in the industry and has an obvious passion for these weapons. He had no problem opening the safe and putting his most valuable rifles in our hands.

It’s safe to say that all the rifles Mr. Fuller collects are either custom or very rare. These are awesome rifles from a legendary builder.

We finished up our time at HSP with some business talk with Matt, Anthony, and Greg in the podcast studio, grabbed some Haley swag and made our way out for some dinner and drinks!


For the less flashy, but just as important 2nd day of the trip, we gave a thorough presentation of our product line to one of our newest dealers in Tempe, AZ, AGS Safety Solutions. This family-owned company of 40 years holds the largest inventory of safety equipment in the state of Arizona and we’re proud to have them in the PBA dealer network.

AGS has a knowledgeable team servicing almost all the Southwest and can provide thousands of products ranging from rubber gloves to body armor! If you’re a police department or other organization in the Southwest looking for a source of Premier Body Armor, look no further than AGS. 

With the success of that presentation to round off the trip, we headed for the airport, hopped on a plane to Charlotte, and arrived back to the office to recap with the team. This was time well spent with good people!


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