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Bulletproof Can Cooler


Made in the USA
Coolest Can Cooler EVER
Level II
Black MultiCam
Ballistic Chart

Post Malone's Preferred Can Cooler

"This is the Way...It's Bad Ass..."


Made of actual ballistic fibers!

At Premier, we are firm believers in protecting what’s important. Introducing the world’s only Bulletproof Can Cooler! Yeah, we said Can Cooler...🇺🇸  

  • NIJ - Level II ballistic panel
  • A durable 500D Cordura outer shell
  • Strong Velcro closure for adjustability for cans and bottles
  • 2”x3” Velcro patch panel
  • Bottle Opener!

As Seen on Demolition Ranch

Proudly Made in the U.S.A. 

The perfect gift for the guy that has everything 

"Give your beer can the confidence your beer gives you." - Anonymous

***This is a promotional product and while it is made of ballistic material, it should never be used as or in place of traditional body armor.Please be responsible and never handle weapons when under the influence of alcohol.


Customer Reviews

Based on 131 reviews
Rudi Carbajal


Super unique, great gift!!

Great product! 2nd one I’ve purchased, the first for my husband and 2nd fro my Dad. They are both in law enforcement and my Dad did some tours in Afghanistan after retirement, I thought they would get a kick out of it and they did!! Keeps your beer super cold and adjusts to any can or bottle. Also can be personalized with any velcro patch. Has become my husbands go to koozie. Great gift!!

Best present for dad

After watching The AK Guy Brandon Herrera shoot it on Youtube and make excellent WKUK refs I had to get one for my dad's birthday. He was ecstatic and said he hasnt been surprised by a gift like this in a long time. He immediately took pics of it and showed it off to his friends and bragged how he was going to shoot it. He has not shot it yet, thankfully. I plan on also getting one for myself. Great construction and fit. Also great color selection. Love that black multicam.

Alex Crew
Are your drinks safe?

My drinks are now safe from stray bullets which with everything going on was a big concern for me. I have gotten my first full 8 hours of sleep the day these arrived and haven't had trouble sleeping since then. I can't tell you how many hours I spent researching and trying to find the right armor that not only would protect my drinks but keep them cool for longer periods of time. When the delivery driver arrived he didn't need me to sign for it as he too had once had a stray bullet destroy his beer and knew the agony and disappointment of losing a loved one before you could polish it off. Thank you Premier, you've given me my life back and I now don't have to clear the room before going bottoms up with my beverage of choice! Oh also it comes with a tactical bottle opener but the opener doesn't have an M-Lok mounting point which is kind of a bummer as I usually like to open my drinks with one finger on the trigger as the streets don't sleep.

Joshua Wright

Cool as hell shot it with my 40 and it stoped it point blank.