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Vertx Tactigami - MAK STANDARD


The Tactigami line of products by Vertx truly shows their Genius! These lightweight, malleable pieces make for the ultimate way to carry weapons and accessories in a bag or pack. 

Experience the unique storage options of Vertx® Tactigami with the MAK Standard accessory system. MAK stands for MAGs and Kit, meaning our patent pending wrap adapts to fit smaller gear, from MAGs to flashlights, cell phones and more. Built from Velcro® One-Wrap®, this accessory piece literally wraps around your item for a completely customized fit, then attaches to loop panel for unparalleled organizational capability. Pair with any of the Vertx® bags and packs for everyday carry options and ultimate concealment.

*** The MAK STANDARD is sized to fit smaller items such as flashlights, pistol magazines and larger pocket knives. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Worked as needed

Took a minute to get right but works with the Adder system which is what I wanted

Nathan Perry
Vertx Tactigami - MAK STANDARD

I have two of these in my Vertx Tourist Sling Bag. They work perfectly. It provides relief knowing if I get into an encounter that requires more ammunition, I’m ready.

greg Milroy
AwesomeE Product and service

Best place to get great product.

George Chumillo
Vertx Tactigami - MAK STANDARD

Excellent product, prices, shipping times.

Joshua King
Good bag, could use some improvements

After a week of very light use the pull tab string began to frey, they were quick to send out a new tab and offer to replace the bag altogether. Certain areas of the bag worry me as I could see areas where chaffing from repeated use of the zippers could cause the material to become comprised. Perhaps some reinforcement on the corners. Can only speak on the commuter so far but very ergonomic. Can easily deploy under 2 seconds. Also would like to see more pockets for items, my personal opinion the velcro on the inside doesnt really do much for me. Tactigami pouches are pretty sweet and universal and provide perfect retention for my cz p10c mags.