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Level III+ Core Mission Plate Carrier Bundle


Made in the USA
Level IIIA Cummerbund
First Spear Tubes™Rapid-Release Technology
Reinforced Drag Handle
Rugged, Durable Design
Ranger Green
MultiCam Black
Ballistic Chart

all materials & products sourced & manufactured in the usa

Field-Ready Gear: Core Mission Plate Carrier & Level III+ Plate Set


  • 1 Core Mission Plate Carrier
  • 2 STRATIS Level III+ MC Plates

Step into a new era of tactical preparedness with our Level III+ Core Mission Plate Carrier Bundle. Designed for the discerning professional who values both performance and affordability, this bundle brings together two of our most sought-after products. By offering these items together at a 10% discount, we're committed to providing you with the best in protection without the burden of a hefty price tag.

At the heart of this bundle is the Core Mission Plate Carrier, a testament to American craftsmanship, blending durability with high-speed performance. This carrier is the ideal chassis for any mission, equipped to handle both lightweight and heavy kits with ease. Its versatile design features traditional molle webbing, laser-cut sections, and ample space for chest placards, medical gear, and hydration bladders. The cummerbund is adjustable, featuring First Spear™ Rapid-Release Technology and is loaded with Level IIIA armor inserts for added protection.

Complementing the Core Mission Plate Carrier are the state-of-the-art STRATIS Level III+ MC Plates. Made in the USA, these advanced body armor plates are tested to the NIJ 0101.06 Level III standard, offering robust defense against various threats, including M80 ball, M193, and 7.62x39 MSC. The plates are designed with a true SAPI multi-curve for optimal comfort and a modern shooter's cut for effective weapon shouldering. Lightweight at just 3.5 lbs and measuring 10x12 inches, they are the epitome of modern, efficient protection.


The Level III+ Core Mission Plate Carrier Bundle includes (1) Core Mission Plate Carrier and two (2) STRATIS Level III+ MC Plates

Core Mission Plate Carrier Features:

  • Includes a pair of Level IIIA cummerbund armor inserts
  • Adjustable cummerbund with First Spear™ Rapid-Release Technology
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Reinforced "man down" strap
  • Weight With Cummerbund Ballistics: Small/Medium 4.2 LBS, Large/XL 4.4 LBS, 2XL 4.8 LBS
  • Laser cut Molle
  • Constructed of a domestically sourced 600 Denier Polyester
  • Three internal pockets for spall liners, body armor plates, and a trauma pad
  • Machine washable carrier

STRATIS Level III+ MC Features:

  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Tested to meet the NIJ 0101.06 Level III standard
  • 5-year warranty
  • Multi-Curve & Multi-Hit Capable
  • Thickness: .95”
  • Weight: 3.5lbs
  • Size: 10”x12”
  • Stab and slash-resistant

Rating & Testing

The Level 3A cummerbund soft armor inserts are tested against and successfully stop common handgun and 12-guage shotgun rounds. The STRATIS Level III+ MC plates are tested to meet and exceed the Level 3 / Level III NIJ standards. To learn more about the NIJ body armor standards, visit our Understanding Body Armor Ratings blog.

level 3+ nij rating for the rifle-rated plate


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The Core Plate Carrier has laced paracord located at the back of the vest to provide comfort and adjustability. When adding plates to the carrier, it will naturally have a more snug fit. If you are between sizes, we recommend sizing up.sizing for the core plate carrier vest, designed to carry rifle-rated body armor plates


Is body armor legal?

Body armor is legal to own in all 50 states (but we can not ship it to the state of Connecticut or New York).

What if I'm between sizes? Or on the border for the next size up?

While the carrier itself fits true to size, inserting plates will cause the carrier to have a tighter fit. Because of this, we recommend sizing up one (1) size if you are between or on the border of two sizes. The laced paracord in the back of the vest can help provide the most comfortable fit.

Where do I insert the cummerbund armor?

If you lift the full-field of velcro on the front, you will find the cummerbund straps. Lift the cummerbund strap from the front of the vest and you will find an entrance point for the level 3a soft armor inserts.

Which internal pocket do I place my rifle-rated plate in?

While there are three internal pockets to the Core Plate Carrier, you will place the rifle rated plate in the middle pocket that has a reinforced velcro strap to ensure your armor plate does not shift. The front pocket can be used for a spall liner if you're operating with ICW plates or Steel Plates. The rear internal pocket gives the option of using a trauma pad.

Can I wash my vest?

The outer carrier is machine washable. Simply remove the ballistic cummerbund panels and any trauma pads or plates, then we recommend washing the carrier on gentle. Lay the carrier flat to dry.


Law Enforcement / First Responder / Military discount available

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