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Armored Vertx Keryx Sling Bundle


TSA Approved
Level IIIA
100% Covert
Grab & Go Functionality
Practical for EDC
Rugged, Durable Design
Panel Color
Bag Color
It's Black
Heather Smoke/Smoke Grey
Heather OD Green
Ballistic Coverage
Ballistic Chart
usa made body armor for vertx bags
The versatile Keryx is designed to take you from the streets to the office and beyond. It can be worn as a right or left-handed sling for on-the-go scenarios and quickly converted to a messenger-style satchel for more professional environments. With its ability to adapt to any situation, the Keryx is the ultimate all-in-one pack.

The image displays the Armored Vertx Keryx Sling Bundle by Vertx/Premier, featuring a green and gray versatile bag, two Premier Body Armor panels, a first aid kit, a laptop, a tablet in a sleeve, a small pouch, wireless earbuds, a charger, a USB drive, key fob, lanyard reel, and keychain. All items are neatly laid out on a wooden floor.

Shown with optional ballistic insert for the secondary compartment 

In addition to its versatility as a right or left-handed sling and messenger-style satchel, the Keryx can also be transformed into the ultimate EDC (Everyday Carry) bag when paired with a ballistic panel or two. The backpack armor can seamlessly fit into the Keryx, providing an additional layer of protection to keep you and your loved ones safe. With this added feature, the Keryx can serve as a reliable defense tool for those who value preparedness and security. The combination of flexibility, durability and security make the Keryx an exceptional choice for anyone in need of a multifaceted and dependable EDC bag.



  • Tested to meet the NIJ ballistic standards for Level IIIA
  • Just .22″ thick
  • Constructed of only the finest USA-made para-aramid ballistic core and features a rugged 500 Denier CORDURA® outer shell
  • Stab and slash-resistant
  • 5-year warranty
  • Main Compartment Panel Size: 18.6"x 13"
  • Secondary Compartment Panel Size:  11' X 16.8"
  • TSA Approved!


  • The Rapid Access Tab has been redesigned for the ultimate EDC customization. It can be interchanged with other pull styles and zippers to suit your preferences.
  • This bag is also compatible with Premier Body Armor ballistic panels for added protection.
  • The CCW compartment depth can be expanded up to 2" with the floating internal divider.
  • The front flap can be converted to stow behind the MOLLE panel for easy gear access and appearance changes.
  • The laser-cut MOLLE is lower profile, lighter weight, and has placement points for compatible gear.
  • The Gatekeeper G-hooks prevent unintended exposure of gear stored in the CCW compartment.
  • The bag has a full-zip front flap for side entry, and the ambidextrous sling carry design with color-coded stitching makes it easy to switch between right/left carry.
  • The adjustable padded shoulder strap has multiple web attachment points for key accessories, and the additional stabilizer strap redistributes weight for more comfortable carry.
  • The padded satchel/attach-style carry handle enables messenger-style configuration.
  • The main compartment has a wide opening for easier access to gear and is lined with VELCRO Brand loop for added customization options.
  • The internal key lanyard is removable for optimized placement, and the light-colored interior improves visibility.

  • Outside Dimensions: 14”H x 19.5”W x 6”D

  • CCW Dimensions: 13.5”H x 19”W x 2.5”D

  • 20 Liters

A person wearing sunglasses and a white shirt is holding the versatile Armored Vertx Keryx Sling Bundle by Vertx/Premier over their shoulder while walking past a parked white SUV on a city street. Trees and buildings form the backdrop, showcasing an everyday carry that combines style and functionality.


    To learn more about the NIJ body armor standards, visit our Understanding Body Armor Ratings blog.

    A chart titled "Premier Body Armor Stopping Power Levels, NIJ Level IIIA" illustrates the effectiveness of various bullet calibers compared to the protection offered by Premier Body Armor's First Responder Vest - Level IIIA. It indicates that 9mm, .357 SIG, .44 MAG, and 12 gauge are effectively stopped by this armor. Ideal for first responders using a bulletproof tactical vest.
    An image of a ballistic resistance test report featuring the Vertx Commuter Sling 2.0 Level IIIA Insert by Premier Body Armor. The report includes the test panel description, setup details, ammunition information, and applicable NIJ ballistic standards. It contains tables and text detailing the specifications and results of the armor test.


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    Bundle and Save!

    *Kit includes (1 or 2) Premier Body Armor custom-fitted ballistic panel and (1) Vertx Keryx Bag.


    Law Enforcement / First Responder / Military discount available

    Please see TERMS & CONDITIONS for additional details regarding lead time, shipping, warranty & return policy.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 138 reviews
      The Ultimate Combination

      I’ve been thinking about purchasing this Vertx x Premier Body Armor bundle for awhile now and decided to go for it after what’s going on in the world. I’ve been getting into preparedness the past three years and this is exactly what I needed for my get home bag.

      Joey Laguda
      Great little bag, modified zipper pull

      Overall I like the bag a lot. Panel, carry all work well. It's the very front pocket that may just need more use and breaking in, but the zipper was a little hard to operate that made me nervous using the zipper pulls it came with. I used some paracord and made new pulls with a snake weave and now I can operate the zippers with a little more leverage and it feels great.

      B. Stokes
      Commuter Sling 2.0

      The Commuter Sling 2.0 paired with Premier armor is a great bag!

      Jay P
      Nice bundle

      Great little sling and the Kevlar panel fits perfectly in the intended slot. Light, great looking, and durable. The rapid access tab works great as well. I use a luggage lock on the concealed carry compartment for a little extra “privacy” when I’m at work. When I’m wearing the sling though, access is quick and easy.

      Looking forward to getting another Vertx/Premier bundle when I replace my larger backpack.

      James C
      Awesome pistol/SBR bag!

      Stumbled onto to Vertx a few months ago while trying to find a non-LE/M backpack that I could fit an AR Pistols and some essentials in. Came across this bundle with Premier IIIA and I had to pull the trigger. I now own 3 of these combos and couldn't be happier. Personally I prefer the Gamut series bags and this is a great smaller option that can still hold a AR Pistol with folder or collapsible stock (I have both). Bundle was on sale and the price paid was well worth the utility and peace of mind. Great for EDC, Truck or home! 5 stars