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Vertx SOCP Tactical Fanny Pack


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Bundle & Save!

Purchase the Armored Vertx SOCP Tactical Fanny Pack Bundle and get the bag AND custom-fit body armor insert designed specifically for the bag. 

The Vertx SOCP Tactical Fanny Pack

The Vertx SOCP Tactical Fanny Pack isn’t just any old fanny pack. It is the pinnacle of tactical utility and style. Designed for those who require versatility and functionality, the Vertx Tactical Fanny Pack is a great choice for those on duty, seasoned outdoor enthusiasts, or those who appreciate the importance of being prepared.

vertx tactical fanny pack at outdoor range

This fanny pack offers an unbeatable combination of comfort, durability, and concealable storage. The low-profile, yet remarkably spacious design of this cross body tactical bag does not sacrifice storage space for comfort, making it the ideal choice for those in search of the best tactical fanny pack for everyday carry.

vertx socp fanny pack

The Vertx SOCP Tactical Fanny Pack Features

This tactical fanny pack stands out amongst the competition due to its well thought out features that prioritize comfort, concealability, and functionality. This tactical fanny pack is the perfect CCW fanny pack due to its CCW compartment equipped with loop-lined back and lockable zippers that ensure both security and ease of access for your concealed carry weapon.

Other features that make the Vertx SOCP Tactical Fanny Pack stand out:
  • Secured Hidden Pocket: Ideal for the safe storage of a knife or similar tools, the secured hidden pocket provides discrete yet accessible storage.
  • Concealable Armor Pocket: Compatible with our Premier Body Armor Level IIIA tactical insert, this pocket provides space for an extra layer of personal security without compromising comfort or concealability.
  • Precise Laser-Cut Attachment Points: Specially designed for quick and easy access to a dagger or tool, these attachment points are located on the back panel for strategic positioning and ease of access.
  • Versatile Grosgrain Loop Attachments: These loops cater to various sized tools and attachments to enhance the pack’s versatility.
  • Convenient Overflow SAP Pouch: This overflow pouch provides ample room for extra gear, whether it be ammunition, tools, or medical equipment.
  • External Cell Phone Pocket: Featuring a touchscreen window for ease of access, this pocket can be folded down for use as a navigation board. Designed to fit most modern cell phones, this pocket is adjustable and has exterior flaps for discrete photo or video surveillance.
  • Ambidextrous Access with Lockable Zipper Pulls: Designed for ease of use in low-light environments, this concealed carry fanny pack features back-to-back exterior zipper pulls for ambidextrous access.
  • Holster/Magazine Retention Strap: Located in the CCW compartment, the magazine and firearm retainer straps are compatible with belt holsters.
  • Extended Pockets in Each Wing: These additional pockets provide more storage space, emphasizing the pack’s commitment to utility.
  • Adjustable Waist Strap: The adjustable waist straps ensure a comfortable fit for any waist size.
  • Front Compartment Organizers: Includes a full mesh pocket and stretchable pockets for organizing essentials like phones, wallets, and keys.
internal pocket and features of tactical fanny pack vertx bag
These features are meticulously integrated into the design of the Vertx SOCP Tactical Fanny Pack, making it an excellent choice for anyone seeking a high-quality, tactical waist pack. Whether for concealed carry purposes or general tactical use, this tactical fanny offers an excellent blend of practicality, functionality, and comfort.


  • Total length (wing to wing): 17”
  • Wing length: 3.25”
  • Height: 7.75”
  • Diagonal (corner to corner): 11”
  • Width: 10.25”
  • Front cell phone compartment: 7” W x 4” H
  • Strap length (max each side): 19”
*Tactigami, Armor Insert, and other accessories not included

Why Carry a Tactical Waist Bag?

The Vertx SOCP Tactical Fanny Pack offers a combination of style, functionality, and preparedness rarely found together in other tactical fanny packs. More than just a fashion statement, these tactical belt bags are engineered for those who value readiness and efficiency at all times. Here are some reasons why a tactical waist bag should be a part of your gear.

Optimal for Concealed Carry: Those who keep a concealed firearm on their person know that concealing a weapon can be cumbersome and uncomfortable at times. The Vertx SOCP model, with its discrete compartments and lockable zippers, is a subtle solution for ensuring that your firearm is secure, concealed, and accessible at all times.

Everyday Practicality:Beyond carrying a firearm, a tactical waist bag is incredibly versatile. They are perfect for storing everyday essentials like your phone, wallet, keys, and other small items you might need, like a flashlight, pepper spray, med kit, or radio. The organization features of this pack, including multiple compartments and loops, means that everything has a place, reducing clutter and improving accessibility. 

internal pocket with organization for edc itemsDurability and Reliability:Designed to withstand the stress of everyday use in urban and outdoor environments, these bags are constructed from high-quality materials that ensure longevity. 

Comfortable and Easy to Use:Comfort is essential when carrying a bag for long periods of time. The Vertx SOCP Tactical Fanny Pack is designed with an adjustable waist strap, ensuring a snug fit for all body types. 

Discrete Functional Design:The subtle design of this tactical waist bag is one of its greatest assets as an everyday carry item. Functional, yet unassuming, the Vertx SOCP Tactical Fanny Pack is sleek and low-profile without sacrificing storage space. 

Tactical Waist Pack Pros

Wearing a tactical waist pack provides a number of advantages to the wearer, including but not limited to the following: 

Discrete:A good tactical waist pack is discrete, allowing for the concealment of a firearm without drawing suspicion. 

Versatile:Can be worn as a waist pack or tactical cross body bag without compromising functionality one way or another. 

Enhances Safety:Allows for quick access to self defense tools or weapons, and features a specially designed compartment forhousing an armor plate

Compact Yet Functional:Offers storage for all of the essentials while maintaining a low profile

discreet black fanny pack for concealed carry and edc items

Tactical Waist Pack Cons

Despite the number of pronounced advantages a tactical waist pack provides, there are some limitations to keep in mind to ensure you remain prepared for any situation. Keep the following in mind: 

Limited Capacity:While compact, a tactical waist pack may not be ideal for carrying larger items or a large number of items. Carefully consider the essentials you need to ensure you don’t exceed the functional capacity of the pack. 

Specific Use Design:A tactical fanny may not be as versatile as a larger tactical bag given its small size and intended use as a convenient place for a CCW and other essentials. If you feel like you are exceeding the functionality of the pack, consider wearing it in conjunction with another bag to get the most out of your equipment. 

Choosing a Military Fanny Pack That’s Right for You

When choosing a military fanny pack, there are many things worth keeping in mind to ensure you get the most out of your equipment. Consider these factors for the best results:

Size:Ensure that your military waist pack fits your body comfortably and has ample room to accommodate your essentials. If you are buying online, take waist measurements at home and compare them with the size guide or specifications. 

Appearance:Look for a style that suits your personal preference, as well as tactical needs. If you are worried about blending in, consider a pack that has neutral colors, or a pattern matching your clothing and other gear, and be sure your pack doesn’t have high visibility material. 

Value:Choose a pack that offers the best combination of features and affordability for your price point. Shop within your means and avoid buying something that has features you don’t want or need to ensure you get the most bang for your buck. 

A well thought out purchase can be the difference between a functional product that suits your needs and an underwhelming product that doesn’t serve the purpose you purchased it for. Thinking these things through will ensure that you are prepared for everyday occurrences and emergency situations alike. 

Considerations for Concealed Carry While Using a Fanny Pack Holster or Cross Body Bag

Concealing a firearm in a fanny pack or cross body concealed carry bag requires careful consideration and preparation to ensure you are prepared for any situation that may arise. 

A good CCW bag or gun fanny pack should allow for consistently quick and smooth retrieval of your pistol or handgun. This is crucial in high-stress situations where every second counts, so consider regularly training with your concealed carry setup. Familiarity with the layout of your bag is essential and practicing quick and safe firearm retrieval can give you the upper hand in a critical situation.

tactical cross body fanny pack for concealed carryThe bag should fit comfortably and securely on your body, whether it’s worn as a fanny pack or a cross-body bag. Comfort ensures you can carry the bag for extended periods of time without strain or irritation, which is essential for those practicing the greyman approach – that is, blending in with your surroundings without drawing attention. 

A fanny pack holster should also guarantee the firearm is secured within the bag to prevent accidental movement or discharge. Look for features, like the lockable zippers of the Vertx SOCP Tactical Fanny Pack, that are dedicated to keeping the firearm safe and secure. 

The pack should be well constructed and not draw attention to the presence of a firearm. This reinforces the greyman concept of being inconspicuous and unassuming. The design of the bag should be subtle and blend in with everyday attire. Furthermore, it is essential to be aware of the laws and regulations regarding concealed carry in your area. Ensure that you are compliant to avoid legal repercussions.

By taking these factors into account, you can ensure that your fanny pack holster or cross-body concealed carry bag is a reliable, safe, and effective tool for self-defense. 

Explore the world of concealed carry with confidence and discretion. The Vertx SOCP Tactical Fanny Pack is a perfect choice for those looking for sling bags to ensure their safety at all times, whether you’re at the park with the kids or out in the wilderness. Choose a CCW bag that blends seamlessly with your lifestyle without compromising your safety and preparedness. Browse our collection of tactical bags today with the assurance that they will help keep you ready for anything.


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Bundle and Save!

Armored Vertx Tactical Fanny Pack Bundle includes (1) Premier Body Armor custom-fitted ballistic panel and (1) Vertx SOCP Tactical Fanny Pack


Law Enforcement / First Responder / Military discount available

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