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Vertx VTAC Pistol Scabbard


Armor Not Included
Armor Compatible
Duty-Rated Durability
Grab & Go Functionality
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About the Vertx VTAC Pistol Scabbard

For those who on-body carry or travel daily with protection in their vehicle, look no further than the Vertx VTAC® pistol scabbard for a safe and secure method of storing your firearm while on the go. For those not comfortable storing a firearm on your person or in the glovebox of your vehicle, the Vertx VTAC® pistol scabbard is a safe and reliable storage alternative.

vertx car bag with level 3a body armor panel

The Vertx VTAC® pistol scabbard mounts easily to the seat back of the passenger or driver seat, allowing for quick and easy access incase of an emergency or just on the go. Designed to mimic the look of a tablet or laptop case, this pistol scabbard subtly blends into your environment without compromising functionality. Fully lined with VELCRO®, the VTAC® pistol scabbard is compatible with many hook and loop systems, allowing for unprecedented customization to meet your desired specifications. Similar to the Vertx VTAC rifle scabbard, the pistol scabbard is fitted for armor plates to add a layer of protection and defense.

VTAC Pistol Scabbard Features

    TheVertx VTAC Pistol Scabbard is equipped with a number of features to ensure reliable functionality whether you are on the go or exploring a different neck of the woods. Fitted for a Level IIIA bulletproof panel and compatible with the Tactigami™ attachment system, the features of this pistol scabbard are what set it apart from other options. The VTAC Pistol Scabbard includes: 

    • Secure locking functionality and adjustable side release buckles
    • Features made in the USA VELCRO® loop lining compatible with Tactigami™ or any other hook-and-loop accessory system
    • Convenient hot-pull tab allows rapid access to backpack scabbard
    • Compatible with the custom fit SOCP® Panel
    • Write-on bar for easy identification and organization of contents
    • Constructed using durable Nylon Ripstop that resists wear and tear
    • Poly-carbonate exterior coating wipes clean and is water and stain resistant
    • Inner PU coating is lightweight and water resistant
    • YKK® zippers throughout with lockable main compartment zipper
    • Two external pockets make it a spacious pistol holder for car or truck 
    • External handle for grab-and-go scenarios
    • Internal skeleton and exterior padded walls prevent printing of gear


    Outside Dimensions: 11.8”W x 15.7"H

    Interior: 11.4”W, 15.4”H

    Main Compartment Depth: 2.4”

    Front Pockets: 11.8”W, 13”H

    *Tactigami, Armor Insert, and other accessories not included

    Which Handguns Are Compatible with This Pistol Scabbard?

    The Vertx VTAC Pistol Scabbard is a premier pistol carrier for car, truck, or home, and accommodates a wide variety of handgun sizes. Whether you carry a full-size, compact, or sub-compact pistol, this handgun car holder is perfect for you. The VTAC scabbard doesn’t discriminate between calibers either, easily storing firearms chambered in 22, 9mm, 10mm, and .357 Magnum. Be sure to test fit your firearm before relying on this pistol carrier for everyday use, as some attachments, like underbarrel lights, red dot sights, and extended magazines, might interfere with the functionality of the case. 

    Where Can the VTAC Pistol Scabbard Be Used?

    The Vertx VTAC Pistol Scabbard can be used as a truck or car hand gun holder, and is also suitable for your home, a camper or RVs. To make storage in these scenarios easy, the VTAC Pistol Scabbard discretely secures to the back of your driver or passenger seat, and VELCRO® or similar hook and loop attachment systems. Anywhere you need to conceal a firearm in a safe and reliable manner, the VTAC Pistol Scabbard will shine. 

    If you plan on carrying a pistol with you on the go, consider a Vertx VTAC Pistol Scabbard to safe and securely store your firearm. More easily accessible than your glovebox and more comfortable driving than on body carry,, the VTAC Pistol Scabbard is a premier option for pistol storage on the go, whether you are out for the weekend or taking an extended vacation. 


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    Bundle & Save!

    Purchase the Armored Vertx VTAC Pistol Scabbard Bag & Armor bundle and get the bag AND custom-fit body armor insert designed specifically for the bag. 


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