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STRATIS Level III+ Enhanced Plate


Made in the USA
NIJ Certified
Designed for Front or Back
15-Year Warranty
Multi hit Capable
Only weighs 2.8 LBS
Ballistic Chart
PROUDLY Made in the U.S.A  **Each Plate Sold Individually**
Ships within 1-3 business days
Connecticut shipping restrictions
No International Shipping Available
Incident Replacement
15 Year Warranty

NIJ Standard-0101.06 Level III Certified

Stab and slash-resistant



You asked for it. A lightweight, rifle-rated armor plate solution. This Level III Body armor plate was created specifically to fit 10"x12" plate carriers. We stand behind it with a 15 YEAR WARRANTY (Triple the industry average).

Special Threat Tested against the following calibers at a distance of 15 meters:

  • 7.62×39 123gr PS Ball (MSC)
  • 7.62×51 147gr FMJ (M80) – up to 2850 ft/s
  • 5.56x45 55gr (M193) up to 3150ft/s  *This plate is not rated to stop M855


    • NIJ 0101.06 Level III Certified
    • 15-year warranty
    • Lightweight
    • Ultra-durable cover to protect the plates in the roughest environments
    • Multi-Curve
    • Mult-Hit Capable 

      Tech Specs:

      Size: 10"x12"

          • Weight: 2.8lbs
          • Thickness: 0.75"
          • Construction: Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE)
          • Finished with a Polyurea outer covering for abrasion and moisture resistance

      Body armor is legal to own in all 50 states (but we cannot ship to the state of Connecticut as all body armor sales must occur in person).

      Law Enforcement / First Responder / Military discount available

      Please see TERMS & CONDITIONS for additional details regarding lead time, shipping, warranty & return policy.


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 32 reviews
      Sean McRae

      Stratus III+ Enhanced plates are ridiculously thin and light for a rifle rated plate. The multi curve fits extremely well to the body.
      One thing to note if you are ordering from Canada is that there will be an extra charge from customs upon delivery so take that info account as it will add to the cost.
      Also be careful when adding sales or discounts with the rewards program. Only one can apply. I was not paying attention and removed the sale discount while trying to use a small amount of rewards dollars on my account.
      All in all a very good product from Premier.

      Darren Allen
      Exceptional Equipment

      I have been saving up for these plates for a few months feeling fairly confident they were everything I have been hearing. Well, they are that and more. These things are unbelievably lite. I replaced my level III steel plates with these and I could not be happier. I ordered the Shooters Cut and was a little worried about less plate coverage but honestly it made very little difference, and makes a big difference in comfort when shooting.

      And I can not say enough about the customer service. I had these within 48 hours of ordering them. This will definitely not be my last purchase from Premier Body Armor. Great company, great people, great equipment.

      gene longsworth

      It fits as expected, slimmer than I thought and hope it works like it should. Fingers crossed.


      STRATIS Level III+ Enhanced Plate

      Shawn Kopinski

      Upgraded my heavy plates to your Stratis Level III+ and I'm incredibly happy with the weight loss for the same level of protection. Also got my wife a set and she was stunned at how light they are. Highly recomend.